Thursday, June 23, 2011

Assistant To the Quote of the Day

"Am I the only one who thought Whitey Bulger was another Anthony Weiner euphemism?"

-- The Washington Post's Alexandra Petri, via Twitter


Liquid said...

Facebook. And Twitter for ammunition.

The seeds of Idiocracy.

They're loading a full cargo of ignorance.

And when that cat takes it home the world will LOL a little more.

I was once one of those pitiful wretches you see down there.

Look at it again, CheZ, I don't want you to forget what you've seen here today.


-Hey, someone had to comment on something dammit!

Chez said...

Yeah, it's interesting because the numbers have been steady -- in fact for a pretty good period a few weeks ago they were through the roof -- but since I installed the FB Like button on the posts it's so much easier for people to just click that to express approval. There's an entire piece to be written about what that and Twitter's 140 character limit are doing to our brains and attention spans, I guess. But who has the time or will to write it -- and who'd take the time to read it?

Liquid said...

If it wasn't for that scoop about the city workers saving ducklings from a storm drain...I might just put a gun in my mouth.

Alanna said...

It's already been written.

Dona said... it.

60ft6in said...

On 6/11/11 I saw Taio Cruz perform in a post-game concert at Anaheim Stadium. One of Cruz's songs was "Dirty Picture." I enjoyed the trance beat to the music. When I heard the lyrics

"Take me a dirty picture,
Take me a dirty picture,
Send me a dirty picture,
Send me a dirty picture"

I immediately thought of Anthony Weiner. Weiner almost certainly has some Taio Cruz compact discs in his collection.