Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Wrath Over Con

Much to his credit, I waited all day for this yesterday: Lawrence O'Donnell's victory lap-slash-final evisceration of Donald Trump. And in the end it was everything I'd hoped. Once again to his immense credit, O'Donnell was fearless when it came to his pounding of both Trump and his own network, NBC -- which he saw as protecting its "investment" at the expense of all other considerations, not the least of which was its increasingly not-very-good name, to say nothing of a modicum of professional ethics or morality. But to see the entire history of the cynical Trump canard laid bare from beginning to end -- to watch pretend-serious buffoons like Mark Halperin and "Gospel of Wealth" sycophantic suck-butts like David Brooks slavishly circle jerk over Trump's gargantuan ego -- it's really staggering stuff. Staggering when you realize just how instrumental many in the media were in the perpetuation of this con and in the elevation of the man behind it.

And then there's NBC. Jesus Christ -- NBC.

Here's the quote from yesterday's upfront for next season that should damn NBC for all time. It should, but it won't.

"And now you're probably wondering about our favorite ratings hit, 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We will of course be bringing it back... As we saw this year, the crazier the celebrities, the higher the ratings."

That just about says it all.

Adding: After watching this again, here's the most salient point made by O'Donnell and the Quote of the Day:

"You live now in a world of unlimited news sources. As the 2012 presidential campaign gets ever slightly more serious by the day, you have to make choices about where to gather your information. From this point forward you would do well to ignore every word spoken or written by any political pundit who gave one day of credence to the possibility of a Trump for President campaign."


Narbe said...

Lawrence O'Donnell is awesome.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Oh, you told us so too.

Thought I'd mention it.

Mart said...

Gotta admire O'Donnell for calling the exact date and circumstance.

OTOH, in the first clip, David Brooks demonstrates exactly why he should be put out to pasture. He says Trump has a great shot as he represents the little man making it to the top. Trump, the son of a multi-millionaire who rides his con game to TV stardom is the little man. Poor little Trump, born with none of the advantages little Obama had growing up.

Stephen said...

I know this is kind of off-topic, but I for one wish to celebrate 5 years of continually working in Wrath of Khan references.

O'Donnell producer: "NBC is running with shields down."
O'Donnell: "Of course! We are all one big happy fleet!"

Tracer Bullet said...

The small guy? The small guy?! Trump isn't some Horatio Alger story come to life. HE WAS BORN A MILLIONAIRE. He didn't make himself rich. HE MADE HIMSELF RICHER. For fuck's sake. Don't they listen to themselves at all?

kanye said...

You live now in a world of unlimited news sources. As the 2012 presidential campaign gets ever slightly more serious by the day, you have to make choices about where to gather your information.

Anyone who espouses this as fact should immediately have the rest of his/her opinions held up as suspect.

Not quite 30 years ago, the majority of news media in this country was controlled by 50 corporations. Today, that number stands at five.

We don't have unlimited news sources, but rather unlimited opinions based on an incredibly finite number of news sources; literally one-tenth of what we had just a few decades ago.

That I--with my slightly unreliable internet connection and my four year-old laptop--know this, and Lawrence O'Donnell--a man who's spent 30 years moving back and forth between politics and media; a man who has the full resources of NBC News at his fingertips--doesn't, should send up some red flags.

Anonymous said...

How many times has Trump declared bankruptcy? Why is he given any credibility in finance?