Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time's Up

It's now 6PM in the Christmas Islands.

It has begun.

"Christmas Islands, this is Crystal Palace? Is anyone there? Christmas Islands, do you copy? Anyone? ... Anyone?"


brite said...

It's 11 am here in la Suisse and the Alps aren't crumbling, nothings on fire and not a hint of Jesus anywhere.Let the mockery continue!

Colombo said...

It's 2:45 pm in Sri lanka and oh god it burns it BURNS... It has to be the rapture, they are showing gossip girl on 3 different channels.

Chugga said...

I can confirm that the Rapture did happen roughly 1.5 hours ago, it wasn't all that exciting. Jesus was shorter than I expected. Also he was cleanshaven, but I guess styles have changed.

e said...

Jesus stays up on the latest trends. He's with it.

Did you know this site exists: It confuses me.