Friday, May 20, 2011

Thinking Outside the Inbox

Another installment in the ongoing series that brings just some of the entertaining PR junk mail that I regularly get to you, the readers.


With the end of the world taking place tomorrow, May 21st, several pressing questions come to mind: Where will I be? Will I be alone? What’s my last meal?

But the most important question of all: What will I be wearing?

The answer: PajamaJeans

Some fashion experts, TV personalities, celebs and journalists have said PajamaJeans represent the end of the world. So why not heed their advice and wear them at the end of the world. Comfort and style are important whether you’re running 40 errands in four minutes or waiting for the Rapture.

With the end getting closer, PajamaJeans have used their immense popularity to expand into huge nationwide retailers like Wal-Mart and (should we survive) will be in every major retail chain come June.

Maybe PajamaJeans are the end given their continually growing popularity and fan base. Check out these recent national and regional TV spots applauding their fashion-friendly comfort:

Kathie Lee & Hoda

KRCA: NBC Sacramento

WCCO-TV: CBS Minnesota

I can provide more info, samples (next day of course) and connect you with the CEO. Look forward to hearing from you!



And now, my response:

You know what? I got nothin'. This is actually pretty brilliant. Those has-beens over at Snuggie should really take note. Kudos, Ryan.


Fungi said...

Ask for 2 pairs: 68 extra fat and a 12 dwarf

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Ah, Ryan, next-day provision of the samples is likely to be too late . . . .

VOTAR said...

They better be fire-retardant.

Dan said...

You did at least ask for samples, right?

Krissy said...

PajamaJeans. Fat people all over America are rejoicing.

Stephen said...

Get samples and send him back pics of yourself modeling them. Of course post them here too.