Monday, May 02, 2011

Quotes of the Day: Part 1

"Bottom line -- endless war didn't work. In the end, we found the man who authorized the attacks on 9/11 through good intelligence work and killed him with a very small, targeted strike with our best trained forces. We didn't use an army battalion or a surge or huge ground troops backed up by Abrams tanks. It was a surgical strike pulled off by a small unit. Imagine if we had invaded Pakistan instead to accomplish our objective (they were only nominally cooperating with us -- he was sitting right outside their capital). How little sense would that have made? Just about as much sense as the other wars made -- not much at all. War is the wrong strategy when fighting terrorism."

-- Cenk Uygur in the Huffington Post

I realize that just last week I was criticizing Uygur, but credit where credit is absolutely due: He's 100% right about this. Punishing the Taliban for its collusion with bin Laden wasn't necessarily wrong, but from a pragmatic standpoint -- when it came to accomplishing what should have always been our number one goal -- it certainly wasn't right either, particularly not when bin Laden may have been in Pakistan almost the entire time. And as for our folly in Iraq -- that's not even worth dignifying with an ostensibly cogent argument.

There will be a lot of debate today over every facet of this story -- from the logistical details of the raid, to the political ramifications for the president, to the possible consequences for each and every one of us around the globe. But when it comes to this specific issue, it should always have been obvious that terrorism isn't an army or a country -- it's a methodology, and one that can only be fought with top-notch intelligence and swift, surgical precision. In other words, with brains, not necessarily brawn.


The Bacon said...

Maybe he wasn't quite 100% right.

Early reports are often unreliable, so all caveats..but...the information on the Courier that led the seal team to Obama came from KSM who I believe was captured on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

Anyway...great fucking day for the whole fucking world!!!

Izar Talon said...

Like you just said, I've always said: fighting a war against terrorism is like fighting a war against flanking maneuvers, or fighting a war against war itself. It's a strategy or a tactic, not an an opponent. You can't beat a tactic! "Yes! We've finally defeated our foe, the dread full frontal assault!" And you ESPECIALLY can't win a war against kamikaze strikes.

TheReaperD said...

Fighting a war with brains does not lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in kickbacks from military contracts.