Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quote of the Day

"I don’t know him that well, he has been monitoring relationships that Congressman Weiner has been having with women, young women, who claimed to have relationships with him. I’m not saying what type of relationships, but people that '@RepWeiner' follows. Girls that are quite young -- younger than the girl in question here -- talk openly about Rep. Weiner, who he follows these girls."

-- Andrew Breitbart referring to Dan Wolfe, who goes by the Twitter name @patriotUSA76 (of course) and who supposedly grabbed and reposted a picture that supposedly appeared on Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account of a semi-erect penis inside a pair of underwear

The above quote came during an interview with Breitbart on CNN, an interview which opened the door to a number of significant questions that deserve an immediate answer, such as what the fuck is Andrew Breitbart doing on CNN?!

Jesus, what does this asshole have to do before the supposedly responsible press stops giving a crap about anything he has to say? CNN actually broke the Shirley Sherrod hoax story, basically blowing Breitbart out of the water on live television, with Sherrod sitting right there on the set as they did it -- and still they invite him on to make defamatory statements that he cannot fucking back up.

How do you know "Weinergate" -- as the Breitbart online Empire of Shit is breathlessly and unimaginatively hyping it -- is probably a bunch of overblown nonsense? Because Breitbart says it's a big deal. When he says anything about somebody, you can be pretty fucking sure the opposite is true. And his willingness to blindly back another no-name right-wing flunkie is likely one of those things he'd live to regret had he anything approaching a capacity for shame and sorrow.

Did Anthony Weiner send a picture of his cock to somebody on Twitter? Who the hell knows. And you know something? I don't really care. You know why I don't really care? Because Anthony Weiner never claimed to be a crusader for family values, hyper-righteous morality, forced chastity or anything else that would make it grossly hypocritical for him to be a bit of a freak. Does it suck for his wife if he really did it and wasn't hacked like he says? Yeah, actually -- but that's their business to sort out. It shouldn't be my responsibility to hold him accountable for something like that and even if I thought it to be mildly contemptible (to say nothing of stupid) I don't think it would have an impact one way or the other on how he does his job. Of course this kind of thing is entertaining and of course it's worthy of an entire arsenal of jokes -- but I'm gonna need a hell of a lot more to go on than the word of Andrew "I Fucking Lie About Everything" Breitbart before I hang somebody out to dry.


Steve said...

I've spent pretty much the whole day trying to figure out what it means to the future of this country that the press is divided between a hoaxster's cock and balls story and chasing after Sarah Palin's "Oh the places you will go (on PAC money)" tour. I'm trying to figure out how we're not fucked.

Seriously, when is the last time a liberal stunt has gotten this much oxygen on cable? Maybe the Jon Stewart rally? But at least there, I think the press at least acknowledged they were part of the joke.

One other thing, did Sarah wait in line to see the Liberty Bell, or is cutting in line by politicians an offense only when they are black?

60ft6in said...

Send in Seal Team 6 to capture Andrew Breitbart! He will be a believer in Black Helicopters before being dropped out of one with no parachute. No waterboarding for you Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Maybe he roped-off this from Canada http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2011/05/29/privates-photo-ontario-pc-candidate-george-lepp_n_868659.html

Anonymous said...

The purely logical stipulation that the cock photo COULD have come from Rep. Wiener is more than sufficiently dispensed with by the simple presence of Andrew Breitbart.

Andrew Brietbart is like fucking anti-matter to factual assertions. In his presence, truth cannot exist. It is immediately annihilated in a blinding flash, leaving behind only a sticky residue of contempt.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of helicopters, how great is it that Jabba the Governor took a copter to his son's baseball game, then had to get into a limo to drive 100 yards to the bleachers? No word on whether there was some sort of forklift standing by to get him up to his seat.

Geek Girl Diva said...

What blows my doors here is that anyone with a working knowledge of Twitter can pretty much figure this out. But no one seems to have taken the time to even consider this is anything other than a hacker.

1) Wiener joined Twitter, people started following. He started following back.

2) That got old real fast, so he stopped (apparently the magic number was 91 before the pic went up) following back and turned off notifications -- which is what most people do when they get a flurry of follows.

3) He got hacked. The hacker posted (not in DM but on a life feed) a soft core pic and then started following more people including a porn star. Gee, why. I wonder.

4) Someone on Wiener's staff figured it out. Pulled the pic and probably swore aloud about hackers.

Not to mention, am I the only one who thinks that if Anthony Wiener was going to do this kind of thing, he's be smart enough not to do it on a live feed on Twitter?

The stupidity astounds me.

p.s. For the record, I'd say the same thing for a Republican. This was so obviously a hacker that I can't believe it's news. And the fact that Breitbart was allowed to sit there on CNN and "extrapolate" blows my doors.

Geek Girl Diva said...

p.s. Pardon the typos and use of "blows my doors" twice in one post. I was tired while I was angry. ::grin::

Marsupialus said...

CNN just reeks of desperation. Is it possible to get actual news on television anywhere any more?