Thursday, May 05, 2011

Listening Post

I've never been a huge fan of Counting Crows. Despite the fact that Adam Duritz's semen can apparently put women into the Black Sleep of the Kali Ma -- allowing him to score the kind of ass that normally wouldn't be seen in the same area code he is -- their stuff has always been kind of boring to me.

But there are a couple tracks that they really knock it out of the park on.

This is one of them -- a truly terrific song.

Here's A Long December. (And yes, that's Courteney Cox in the video; she happened to be dating Duritz at the time. Look at those dead eyes; they scream, "Mola Ram, Suda Ram!")


Stephen said...

I was dragged to a concert of theirs a few years back. His gut stuck out for 3 rows. He looked kinda like Captain Lou Albano. I remember thinking at the time, "How in the hell has he gotten so much ass?"

Then they played their cover of Big Yellow Taxi and I ran for the bar.

slouchmonkey said...

Man, that's funny shit! "Mola Ram, Suda Ram!" "Mola Ram, Suda Ram!" "Faddy, I love you.!"

Anonymous said...

Lol. Does every guy feel this way about him? The DH and I met him sometime in the late nineties at show signing thing. Neither of us were huge fans so I was surprised when the DH insisted on saying hello and shaking his hand. When we walked away, I asked when he became such a starfucker and he says he just had to shake the hand of the man who managed to sleep with that many hot chicks.

Also, Anna Begins is probably my favorite song of theirs.