Monday, May 02, 2011

"I Don't Feel I Have To Wipe Everybody Out, Just My Enemies"

So let's recap the last few days for President Obama:

He released his long-form birth certificate, smacking down the birthers.

He casually mocked Donald Trump to his face at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, effectively smacking him down.

And now, he gives the order that kills the most wanted man in the world and the most hated man in America, Osama bin Laden, smacking down the rest of his political adversaries -- including the suddenly desperate talking bobble-heads at Fox News.

You know what this was for Obama?

(The above clip is set to a music bed, which is a real shame, but you get the point.)


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Amusing comparison. Certainly quite the couple of days for him!

I wonder what form the piss-on-Obama talk from Fox News will now take?

Tuba Terry said...

My bet for Fox's next talking point: "Obama's made us less safe by killing Osama. al-Qaida is angry and the power vacuum left behind in the wake of his death will only leave us scrambling to replace newer and smarter leaders."

Of course, conveniently leaving out the part where the President specifically mentioned exactly that possibility as something to watch for.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Tuba T., thanks for the answer!

ec said...

Obama is on a friggin' roll.

Anon said...

I'm tempted in times like these to play the Team America theme, satirical as it is.

But I think the president just got himself re-elected.

Chez said...

Don't start printing up those World Champions t-shirts just yet. Americans have traditionally had very short memories.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Apparently Maureen Dowd reads your blog. From today's NYT:

"If we could have seen everything unfolding in real time, it would have had the same dramatic effect as the intercutting in the president’s favorite movie, “The Godfather,” when Michael Corleone calmly acts as godfather at his nephew’s baptism at church, even as his lieutenants carry out the gory hits he has ordered on rival mobsters."

Anonymous said...

I'm just there actually..ANYONE inchange of communuications for the White House?

How can you go from the single biggest triumph your boss has had in his Presidency, to making him look like a fool over photos of the dead guy?


Are these the same people who witheld a birth certificate for two years?

How did that tactic work out for you?