Sunday, May 29, 2011

DXM History Repeats: Inara

DXM Fifth Birthday Jubilee

Topic: Inara

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I saved the best for last. The birth of my daughter, Inara Grace, on July 29th of 2008, was without question the high point of DXM over the last five years. That's because it was the high point in the life of the person who writes and edits it. I've shared so much about my young daughter: the joy of being with her, the anguish of being apart from her, and the hope for a future in which I'm never not by her side either in body or in spirit. I've put it all into words as best I can -- but maybe it's best to just start with some of the pictures that have appeared here.


ASCD said...

I believe that all parents who long to be close to their children find those feelings returned. May all of your dreams and hers come true.

Pete P said...

amazing and beautiful pictures chez! the one with both of you under the blanket just about killed me. thanks so much for sharing. happy 5th anniversary!


Lisa said...

I know can be so bittersweet, but may the love you have for her sustain you during the worst of times.

Alanna said...

This is my favorite post of 2011.

Ref said...