Saturday, May 14, 2011

Countdown To Rapture: 7 Days

Seven days. Just seven days left until the Rapture begins.

My friend Gina Sirico took this picture yesterday in New York City (what?); specifically in Times Square (oh).

Get ready for the last week of the rest of your life, heathens.


Benoit from Ottawa said...

I wonder if anyone has a collection of such predictive signs. 2) I wonder if they appreciate or depreciate.

Matt Osborne said...

And on May 22nd, they'll say it was supposed to be NEXT YEAR because someone forgot to include the Year Zero. Put money on it.

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Dear Matt
(In the voice of Daffy Duck): Ah, an arithrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmetick problem!

Tom said...

Have you noticed he predicts that it'll hit at 6pm in every timezone?

I live in New Zealand, we're going to be first.

Shall I let you know how it goes?