Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"Levy and Stein find themselves offering up the same response -- two of the World's Most Interesting Men, defending another Interesting Man, on the grounds that the privilege all enjoy makes the crime inconceivable on its face. Ahh, the vita is always dolce when you are an Interesting Man. And rape? This is not a crime that Interesting Men dismiss out of hand, necessarily. But it's a tawdry and declasse sort of thing that happens to downmarket people. It's not supposed to rile up the lives of the world's elite. Game recognizes game, after all. And shame? That's for lesser people. And so while it can be acknowledged that the possibility exists that DSK is the perpetrator of a crime (Levy: 'I do not know what actually happened.' Stein: ''s possible indeed, maybe even likely, that he is guilty as the prosecutors charge.'), the important thing to do right now is remind the world that in this life, Interesting Men are never supposed to experience shame, let alone experience it publicly. Isn't that the greater indignity?"

-- Jason Linkins, on the sudden unimaginable alliance between Bernard Henri-Levy and Ben Stein (or as I like to call it, BHL-BS) in the defense of fellow Interesting Man Dominique Strauss Kahn

I still refer to Linkins as my BFF for ripping me a new one back when he was with Wonkette, but he's a damn entertaining and insightful writer -- as this piece proves.


Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

A round of Dos Equis for all!

kanye said...

Shorter Bernard Henri-Levy and Ben Stein (aka Franc-n-Stein):

The IMF has been raping Africans for 65 years now; what's one more?

Chez said...

Franc-n-Stein. That's good.

Matt said...

Noël Godin just became my hero. Apparently, he has hit Levy in the face with a pie at least 4 times, so far. Can we sponsor him to come over and do the same to Stein?

Le Penseur said...

It's hard to accept that you may not know your friends nearly as well as you think you know them. My English teacher in college told us about a childhood friend of his who had never harmed a fly until the night he and a group of friends were having a night out in the big city and ended up beating a gay man to death. Not only did it shock him, it shocked his friend, the man who had participated in this hate crime, that he was capable of such a thing. It's one thing to know people can be monsters and quite another to know that people you are friends with might be monsters.

namron said...

Ben is trying to gin up interest in a new game show: "Take Ben Stein's Dignity."

French Anonymous said...

@Le Penseur : well, now the BBC says that French media/elite have known for a long time that DSK was "verging on the harrassing side" in the manners of his conquests. So there wouldn't be any element of surprise for BHL and BS - and, in fact, both they took pain to say that they knew it could have happened. Which, with them lying types, mean that they're pretty sure that it did really happen, considering.

And as usual, the BBC hopes that us French will stop shying away from the sexual shenaginans of the so-called elite.

As if, if we were saturated with stories of politicians' cigars and cum stains, our ruling class would feel pressured not to try to rape its underlings... Has no Anglo-Saxon politician ever been indicted for rape ? Ever ? Despite the media interest ?

I hope our politicians' sexuality will remain as private as the one all our citizens enjoy. This way there's hope they will never go GOP on our asses.

But rape, that's not sexuality, that's criminality - and I'm not electing a criminal into office, nor am I watching a rapist's movies, thankyouverymuch.

And BHL : you only get airtime when one of your friends rape someone. You're a joke. Retire in oblivion already. Or get Noel Godin to "entarte" you once more. It'd be the only way I'll be happy to read about you.