Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Arrest Report

If you've read this site for just about any length of time you know that I've gotten used to being a speed bag for the Huffington Post peanut gallery. Whenever something of mine gets published over there, it's usually possible to count the minutes before the HuffPo readers -- some of whom are incredibly bright, some of whom may as well be free-range retards -- begin wondering aloud whether I'm a paid operative for Fox News or just your average Renfield-esque flunkie. This is probably because the pieces of mine that get posted there have tended, especially lately, to be more centrist than the mixed-bag you find here. And for the professionally pissed-off liberal Star Chamber that holds court round-the-clock in the Huffington Post comment section, my attempts at being reasonably moderate mean I may as well be pissing on a welfare baby while eating a Big Mac and plowing a Hummer through the front of a Whole Foods in the Haight.

So with that in mind you can imagine the kind of ire my recent piece on Cenk Uygur and the arrest of Nicole Sandler drew. To be honest, not a lot of people commented on it, but quite a few of the ones who did -- particularly Brad Friedman from the Brad Blog, some of whose work I happen to like but who I wound up getting into a ridiculously drawn-out debate with -- basically took me to task. To say that it doesn't bother me one way or the other and that I'm actually just entertained as hell by it is a pretty gross understatement. But what it proves is that while, no, the left and right are nowhere near the same -- not when it comes to the level of intellectually dishonest hypocrisy they're willing to spew or the incomprehensible lack of shame they regularly display -- blind tribal loyalty is as powerful at one end of the political spectrum as it is at the other. And even a little bit of straying off-message -- even from someone who's obviously, for the most part, on your side -- just cannot stand.

I normally post the best responses here, but to be honest the only thing really amusing is the back-and-forth between me and Friedman -- so I'll just refer you to the post at HuffPo and let you read for yourself.


The Huffington Post: The Arrest of the Story/4.29.11


Brenda said...

My favorite sentence of his, after saying that your sentence was confusing. "My apologize there."

Not the sharpest tool.

Chez said...

I figure that's just a typo. But the irony's decent.

Izar Talon said...

Yeah, the comments about your articles on HuffPo are almost always totally ridiculous. Actually, no, screw that "almost," I've NEVER seen an article of yours over there that hasn't drawn ridiculous amounts of idiotry from the comments section. And the stuff you post there is always absolutely fine. I am continually amazed at how those people accuse you of being some kind of Right-Wing attack dog or something. But you already know how much they go out of their way to find things to be offended about.

But even worse, whenever I read the comments section at HuffPo, it always frightens me with the level of hysterical name calling and mean-spiritedness that I have come to associate with Rush Limbaugh's coterie. I usually try to call them out on it and remind them that the Left is supposed to be above that, but it never seems to sink in. They keep right on going, sounding just like Limbaugh talking about Feminazis. And they never see the irony in it; they are always on the look-out for things to be offended by, but they keep using degrading nicknames and the like for the Right-Wing, while they cry bloody murder when the Right-Wing does the same to them.

Some of them just seriously need to grow the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

That's what keeps me coming back here.

Matt said...

You can just about hear his sniff of disdain as you give "the advise to roll over to outrageous authoritar­ianism," I was actually surprised that two or three of the comments were somewhat complimentary. I lean left of center, but I just can't understand the extremists on either side.

The Bacon said...

I have no idea why I continue to engage people over there.

Here is a recent comment and reply of mine from over there.

The author of the essay said (paraphrase) "my politician is good and deserves credit for capturing Bin Laden and your politician is an evil incompetent not fit for office."

I replied with simply "I despise anyone that tries to make political hay out of this."

Here is response I received.

"I couldn't agree more.
You can start by calling out all the usual suspects who have the obscene gall to attempt to credit GWB with the success of this operation, even as they try to clear him from his administra­tion's responsibi­lity for the collapse of our economy, and their creation of the massive deficits and national debt that they claim to care so much about (except when it comes to doing anything to fix the problems, such as letting the Bush tax-cuts for the wealthiest lapse, and cutting corporate welfare to oil companies, agribusine­sses, PHARMA, and others).
Go right ahead, we'll join in.”

There is (literally) no arguing with that sort of logic.

Chez said...

You're generally further to the right on most issues than I am, but you're right. By the way, the past 24 hours have seen quite a bit more of that conservative anti-Obama spin on Bin Laden that I was talking about. Say what you want, I stand by my statement that a lot of right-wing pundits and politicians will never give Obama credit for anything, even if it means defying their normally patriotic stance.

kanye said...

Pretty much from the get-go I've found myself disagreeing with your take on politics at fundamental level, but after reading that comment thread, I now find myself wondering if I haven't merely been misreading all of your confusingly written sentences.

Apologies with qualifiers: They're like getting a blowjob but not being allowed to cum. What's the point?

namron said...

The "knee-jerk Hippie punching" comment was worth the read. Why, that phrase is almost Chez-worthy.