Thursday, April 21, 2011

You've Got the Brains, I've Got Gonorrhea, Let's Make Lots of Money

One more reminder that we're coming up on the end of our Spring Pledge Drive around here.

So far it's been going swimmingly, but there's still time to get in your contribution to keep DXM running smoothly as we approach that big five year milestone.

If you feel like you're in a position to send a little financial love my way, there are two ways you can do it. One is to drop some money into the Paypal tip cup over in the right-hand sidebar; the other is to buy a copy of my book Dead Star Twilight -- which you can purchase electronically and have downloaded immediately to your computer by clicking here.

A huge thank you to Brett Skean, Gordon Jennings, Sara B. and Lindsey Tropp; the generosity just humbles the hell out of me.

To everyone else, thanks for reading -- and business cat begs you one last time.

We'll have a final update over the weekend, but for now let's light up that wheelchair, eh?


timelady said...

As someone in a wheelchair who has donated a small amount, (what this single parent could spare), and as the same someone who just bought your book, consider it well lit from my end.

Fantastic writing, even better than my high expectations. Raw and searingly honest, I hope you find it in you to write more.

And keep blogging.

brettskean said...

You are more than welcome, Chez! It's the least I can do. I have been reading DXM for about two years now and take great enjoyment in all of your posts, the snarky and cynical as well as the more heartfelt ones. As someone who has had their own personal tragedies, your posts make me think about my own losses and offer a point of view that I had not previously considered. A little change in the PayPal cup is the very least I can do! Keep up the outstanding work and consider me a (now) often contributor!

Brett A. Skean
Chicago, IL