Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weakly Reader

Hey, look, kids -- I also picked up a shout-out from the Week.

I expect any minute now for Big Chris to kick in my front door and let me know that Harry the Hatchet wants me dead for insulting his fellow countryman.

The Week: Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' and Personal Liberty/4.14.11


Stephen said...

It's about time you paid our young friend a visit Chris.

His beef with additives and eating natural should apply across the board. If the ice cream used in that milkshake was as such, then he should take a sip and shut the fuck up.

Jacqueline said...

I dunno Chez. We regulate all sorts of things for kids because children generally lack the good sense to make reasonable decisions and/or they're vulnerable to exploitation. There's a reason that age restrictions exist for tobacco, alcohol, the purchase of firearms, and driving a car. Yes, it infringes on their personal freedoms, bot the benefits outweigh the costs.

Sugar and junkfood can be just as harmful, and perhaps more so. Many states have obesity rates above 30%, and last I checked we didn't have cirrhosis, gun violence or car accident rates that high.

The New York Times had an excellent piece profiling a pediatrician in California who argues that refined sugar is a toxin, and his arguments are backed up by facts ( Somebody has to step up to the plate, give parents and school administrators a shake, and show them how they're contributing to a diminished quality of life for their children.

NoxiousNan said...

With attention like this, Chez won't show up in comments anymore!

Children often have more good sense than adults. While there are reasons for age restrictions, I bet they are not what people assume, are arbitrary, and whose necessity is not backed up by proper research.

There are many reasons why obesity has increased so much, so quickly in the US, and I bet children's lack of sense is low on the list if it shows up at all. After all, kids have been around forever, and this problem is new.

I think healthy foods in school are great - many kids don't get nutrition education at home. Which brings to mind sex ed. Nutrition classes would be great for kids. Most education in public school has little to nothing useful or helpful to teach one to prepare for adulthood. Sex, nutrition, parenting, all things that would be great as mandatory classes in school. A girl can dream....