Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trump Card

Lawrence O'Donnell is, right now at this very moment, hammering the hell out of his own network, and it's honestly something to behold. For his willingness to speak truth to power at NBC, he deserves unrelenting applause.

His point: the NBC Entertainment division has not only created a monster, it has created and is perpetuating a conflict of interest with the NBC News division and by refusing to immediately reveal what Donald Trump's future commitments to the network are, it's complicit in one of the most shameful ongoing political attacks in recent history by someone who is nothing more than the most shameless of opportunists.

The only problem? O'Donnell is appealing to the professionalism and decency of the NBC suits -- and they generally tend to have neither.

As soon as the video clip is posted, you'll see it here.


By the way, during this nearly fifteen minute monologue, O'Donnell calls Trump, "The most deranged egomaniac in the history of the NBC entertainment division."

Jesus, that's a powerful statement. Do you have any idea what it takes to be the most deranged egomaniac in the history of the NBC entertainment division?

I assume O'Donnell never met Ben Silverman.


Capt Aclo said...

Haven't seen the clip, but nice going. I truly think Trump is damaging himself with this long-term.

I don't mean he's going to be homeless, but I think he's closing many more doors than he's opening for future business endeavors.

Chez said...

He's been hitting them for a while now, but tonight's show-opening monologue was just brilliant.

Anonymous said...

O'Donnell should explain why he thinks the media will abandon Trump's doorstep as soon as Trump announces he is not running. When in long term memory has the media abandoned Trump's doorstep? And odder yet is O'Donnell's suggestion that Trump is a racist. Trump's been under the microscope for 20 years, and O'Donnell's just now noticing this? But I was impressed that O'Donnell went to Harvard - every time he mentions this little piece of his resume I'm always impressed. And most impressive of all was that he shows us what great ego-strength he has by admitting he was a crappy student - - at, um, oh yeah, at HARVARD!!!

Steve said...

Right now on the LA Times website, the featured political story is a comically even handed account of Trump's big day. This part leapt out at me for obvious reasons --

Elaine Mosquera, 49, a self-described independent who works as an accounting manager, was a fan of his outspokenness.

"I like his calling a spade a spade," she said. "He's not afraid to be the politically incorrect candidate, and I think that's a good thing. People say things behind closed doors and he's not afraid to say it out in the open."

dick_gozinia said...

Going on TV to bash your employer and essentially telling everyone that they're complicit in racism is just metal as f**k.

Thomas B said...

Holy crap! That was brilliant. Wonder if we're going to see a response from NBC anytime soon? Or is that just wishful thinking?

namron said...

O'Donnell is currently bullet-proof at MSNBC. With the departure of Olbermann, what could MSNBC ever find to replace O'Donnell at 8 pm?