Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There, Now Shut the Fuck Up

"I know that there is going to be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out, this issue will not be put to rest. But I am speaking for the vast majority of the American people as well as for the press. We do not have time for this kind of silliness. We have better stuff to do. I have got better stuff to do. We have got big problems to solve. We are not going to be able to do it if we are distracted, we are not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other... if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts, we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers."

-- President Barack Obama


The Bacon said...

I have never been on board with the birther lunacy.

That said....what a dick move by the president!

He could have released this three fucking years ago and we wouldn't have had to listen to this crap.

Chez said...

You're joking, right? No, really -- you seem like a smart guy so I'm going to assume you're kidding around because that's something only a colossal fucking idiot would say.

If you can't figure out why the President of the United States never saw the need to have to succumb and be pulled into this delusional fucking madness, I can't help you and neither can anyone else.

Chez said...

Incidentally, I don't think he should've gone the extra mile and violated Hawaii state policy at all -- not to attempt to appease the lowest common denominator in America and the media that wouldn't stop paying attention to something that absolutely wasn't true.

FabMax said...

Not only Hawaiian state policy, but also Hawaiian law.

I would not have released at all, because it won't change anything and it makes him look like he gave in. To Donald Trump no less.

The birthers are already spinning new conspiracy theories...

Chez said...

You know what, though? There is another side to this -- I'll repeat what I said on my Facebook page:

One of the things I need to learn to do -- and I realize some will call this sycophantic -- is give Obama a little room when it comes to his decisions. I don't agree with all of them -- that's a fact. But he does have a habit of playing his... opponents very well. And yes, while I don't think he should've lowered himself to the level of Trump and the birthers and even get into it with them, this does make them look even batshit crazier than they already did. If such a thing were possible.

Steve said...

I'm getting so sick of the endless cycle of "Why is Obama so weak?" leading directly too "Why is he being so mean?"

As long as the press continues to support the Republican goalpost relocation programs he can literally never win difinitively. But I do think in this case, as long as it was clear fringe acts like Taitz and Corsi, he really thought the reasonable response from the campaign should have sufficed. As it should have in some fictional sane world. But once Trump got onboard with NBC and the rest tagging along, it really did become an insane distraction from the issues he'd like to run on. I have a feeling Ed Henry dragging it up yet again in a press conference cinched the decision to just fold and give the crazies what they ask for, even if he knew they could never be satisified. I think he hoped he'd at least shame the press enablers to take their job more seriously. Of course, he couldn't be more wrong about that. Can't shame the shameless.

Steve said...

I also realized today the problem with this White House press corps that cut their teeth in the Bush era is that they got pretty comfortable with the idea that they were smarter than the guy they were covering, because except for Wolf Blitzer maybe, they probably were. They still don't get that this President is most certainly exponentially smarter than they give him credit, so you get this weird disconnect when ever he essentially tells them to grow up. They look for some obtuse angle on a very straightforward statement - "You suck at your job."

Chez said...

I'm just -- I'm done -- I'm out. Hardball right now is all about birthers: how they're reacting, how they're not satisfied, etc. Matthews is interviewing that boob Judson Phillips of the Tea Party, who's essentially (of course) calling the birth certificate a forgery. The press needs to stop covering these assholes -- stop giving them a forum. They're spouting absolute nonsense, and the media is letting them. A collective decision needs to be made among the responsible press -- key word, responsible -- that this horseshit is over, there's no fucking story there and from here on out if you bring up the insane conspiracy theories you can find an audience on Alex Jones's show because anyone with any respectability won't have you anymore.

ntx said...

I wouldn't have given the birther assholes the satisfaction. I also wouldn't have given away the chance for the birther assholes to keep being birther assholes, thereby painting a big chunk of the right with the crazy brush.

But what do I know? The guy actually tends not to make very many political mistakes.

Chez said...

Even bothering to present a rational argument with these fucking delusional morons is a waste but, what exactly is he supposed to do -- take the birth certificate on a nationwide tour where every doubter can see it for themselves? Look, he's now done what they asked him to do; at this point if they continue this they look, as I said, even more batshit crazy than they already do. Which seems damn-near impossible to me.

sommer said...

ugh I had to turn off Hardball. It was too much. I wanted to scream at the tv, "...but it's over now!"

Trixi said...

Here's a link to something posted on a local blog where I live. It purports to show that the certificate is forged.

They're delusional. They're insane. They're stupid fucking fucks. Fuck. Just kill me now. The stupid, it hurts.

Marsupialus said...

I think we don't have a press, Chez, I think we have another corporate profiting making venture that produces news. In order to make profits they have to make ratings and you know what that means. It's tough to explain the complex financial shananigans engaged in by the banks but it's easy to put some idiot on who says, He's not one of us. Difficult to parse what would be appropriate for healthcare. Easy to let The Donald bloviate. All the latter terms get you viewers. The former don't. Which are they going to go with every time?

How's this? How about legislation that forces the news divisions of the networks to be spun off as non-profits? How about no rating information will be applied to any news operation? And finally, let's get the Fairness Doctrine reinstated.

J. Dack said...

The BC was always just a red herring. These people don't really care if he was born in Kenya. To them all black people might as well be Kenyan.

They just want him out, whatever the reason and whatever the means.

You can't reason with these people.

Bill Orvis White said...

It's a fake. Me and Roosevelt just went over it with our flashlights and we see a lot of smudges-yep, fake! Also, no one ever used the term "African." They only used the term, "Negro." I didn't write that. Roosevelt just told me that. We think it took a few years to put this fake longform certificate together. The real certificate is from Kenya. Nice try, Hussein Obama. We're thrilled Mr. Trump got Lil Hussein to cough up the fake document, but this is far from settled. Yes, Mr. Trump, we want to see the college documents. We want to know if this president was given that equal opportunity thing to get into that elitist school with his bad grades and all. Where are the college documents and why is this administration using millions of dollar$ to block it? This White House is the most shady in our entire history.

Matt said...

The stupid is burning into my head right now. You brought up the problem with the birthers a while back Chez. They have already decided that Obama was not born in the country. Therefore, any evidence to the contrary is fake, no matter how compelling. They believe what they believe, look for only that which supports that belief, and ignore everything else. It's like arguing religion with a born again true believer.

daisy st. patience said...

Normally I wouldn't link to Fox News, but this opinion piece has some really interesting points about how the president may have just won over the independents.

SteveR said...

PSY geek link 1:
PSY geek link 2:

The Bacon said...


I'm not kidding.

I've had to listen to all this crap for three years now. We've all had to listen to this crap for three years now.

I figured there had to be some good reason he didn't want to release it. There wasn't. Just a birth certificate. Looks just like yours and mine.

If he would have just released this thing three years ago, history would have forgotten all about it. It never would have been an issue.

30% of his people (according to some polls) have been all bent out of shape about this for three years. For three years, instead of talking seriously about the issues of the day, our news networks have been bickering about this. For fuck sake, it's put Donald Trump on my television even more.

....and he could have put a stop to it at any time.

I was hoping there was some good reason he let this go on for as long as he did. There wasn't. There wasn't even a good Machiavellian fuck over my enemies reason. Releasing it now isn't going to maximize its political potential.

Furthermore, I don't care that the only people who bought into this are idiots. They're his idiots. He's the president. He's the leader.

This whole episode has been bad for country. He's the president. He should have stopped it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should have just stopped it, because as we see, all of the Birthers have now apologized and gone back to their lives.

The Bacon said...

anon 1:41

He releases this document three years ago and Orly Taitz never gets on television, polls about whether or not people are certain he was born in America are never commisioned and the issue wouldn't have been discussed outside of klan meetings.

And all of us non klangoing types wouldn't have had to talk about it.

Alec said...

so...where is the "religion" box?


Chez said...

Sorry, Bacon, but you're just depressingly wrong on this. His legal birth certificate had been made public years ago and that should have sufficed. It's insulting that a group of hateful pricks demanded more in an effort to delegitimize the first black President of the United States and that one opportunistic cultural parasite helped create a situation where it became almost necessary for that president -- the President of the United States -- to capitulate to their delusion. And as expected, it hasn't satisfied anyone, because for these worthless creatures it was never about the pursuit of satisfaction anyway.

The Bacon said...


His birth certificate should have sufficed. It is insulting that a group of hateful pricks demanded more. Donald Trump is a dick.

I don't disagree with any of that.

But, I don't find those thoughts and believing he should have released this three years ago to be mutually exclusive.

This fire started out of racist bullshit, then the conspiracy theorists and camera loving opportunists threw gasoline on it....but the country would have been better off if he just would have put it out before it got big.

A recent poll shows only 38% of Americans definitely believe the president was born in the United States. I am certain that number will now go up. Of course the Orly Taitz' of the world and the local klan group will never change their minds....but I'll go to the next Lady GaGa concert if that number doesn't skyrocket in the next poll. You can hold me to that. For a lot of people, this will make a difference.

Calitri said...

If a child is throwing a tantrum because they want a lollipop, you don't just cave and give it to them. The Obama administration waited until it was on their terms and served their own objectives and then they gave the screaming bastard a lollipop made of shit. Then made the kid eat it. Will it shut the child up? No. Nothing truly will. But it does make the petulant little fuck look even dumber with a mouth full of crap.

CNNfan said...

President Obama reversed the question right onto the Republicans whether they're eligible to be president for being born yesterday.

kanye said...

I decided to do my due diligence on this sit back, take it all in and consider the situation for 24 hours.

Here's what I've come up with:

There is no shortage of people, both here and elsewhere on the internet, on cable news, in real life, who insist that these "birthers", "tea-partiers" and "right-wingers" are dangerous: dangerous to our way of life; to our system of democracy; to our own personal well-being. Terms like "lunatics", "psychotic" and "insane" are regularly bandied about to describe these people, and some have even gone so far as to liken these nascent movements to the beginnings of the Nazi Party.

Viewing these assertions through the lens of this whole birther fiasco, I can only see two possibilities:

That those who are screaming, “Danger Will Robinson! Danger!” are correct in their assertions, which would mean that our president has consciously and deliberately stood back and watched while the irrational anger and blind rage of unstable psychopaths was allowed to build, unchecked, for three years. Not only build, but they were afforded the time necessary to find each other and coalesce into cogent, tangible organizations whose power to harm exceeds that of the individual by a factor of a kajillion. That this president is nothing more than a narcissistic opportunist who put his own personal ideologies and political ambitions ahead of the very citizenry whose safety, well-being and interests he is oath-bound to serve.


Our president really is smarter than everybody else. That he’s always understood that these birthers aren’t, in fact, dangerous. That they are nothing more than a large litter of yipping puppy dogs; bearing their teeth, nipping at heels, but that ultimately they pose no real threat. If that’s the case, then it’s all of those who’ve been sounding the alarms that are wrong. And not just wrong in the way that misplacing a decimal on a math test is wrong, but utterly and completely wrong about everything: Scope, size, intent, capability…so fundamentally wrong about the politics of the situation, so absolutely wrong about human nature itself, that from this day forward their observations and assertions should be seen as unserious, uninformed, unenlightened…hell, un-everything.

So, which is it?

drater said...

Kanye, I vote B. I believe Obama's primary desire is to get re-elected. And that means he has to win over independent voters. Letting the Republican party look like a bunch of idiots as they appeased and embraced birtherism and then bursting their bubble is some serious kung-fu.

The birthers would hate him anyway for being a Nazi communist, so I don't see how it's Obama's fault if they threaten anyone's safety. I can't believe that releasing this certificate three years ago would have changed much. Hasn't done much to shut up Trump--as if anything could.

The Bacon said...


I vote B as well.

The opinion class (the author of this blog included) seem to think of the tea party as the equivalent of the outfit that gave Ned Beatty the high hard one in Deliverance....and it just simply isn't true.

Sure, there is some of that there. To paraphrase Chez, there is a reason for most stereotypes. However, the overwhelming majority of the tea party people aren't like that.

But....given that Obama isn't quite Bill Clinton but still a hell of a politician, I can't say this was all political for him. If it was, he would have played this trump card a whole lot better. He could have waited through the Republican nomination before throwing that bad boy down.

I think he tried to do what he believed was the right thing and try to ignore the issue. When it became clear the issue wouldn't go away, he probably felt the best thing for the country was to throw in the towel and put an end to the nonsense.

That's my whole nickel. Keep the change.