Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quotes of the Day

"You have to ask, 'Why are you taking care of Alabama and other states?' I know our letter didn't get lost in the mail."

-- Texas Governor Rick Perry, yesterday, complaining about President Obama's trip to tornado-ravaged Alabama and demanding to know why he and the federal government supposedly haven't responded to his request for more federal help for Texas, where wildfires have destroyed nearly two million acres

"I have determined that this incident is of such severity and magnitude that effective response is beyond the capabilities of the state."

-- Texas Governor Rick Perry, on April 16th, in the aforementioned letter to the federal government

"We've got a great union. There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we're a pretty independent lot to boot."

-- Texas Governor Rick Perry, in April of 2009, implying that Texas may be willing to consider seceding from the union

I swear, sometimes this is just too easy.

Incidentally, FEMA has already authorized almost two-dozen emergency declarations in the wake of the Texas fires.

Oh, and state lawmakers recently proposed cutting $34 million out of the budget of the Texas Forest Service; most of those cuts would apparently affect training and equipment grants for volunteer firefighting crews.

The above picture by the way? That's Rick Perry literally asking for God's help during an officially declared three day period in which Texans were urged to "pray for rain." So far, it should be noted, God also isn't returning Perry's calls.


J. Walker said...

You didn't mention the best part: Perry's suggestion that Obama hasn't provided said federal aid because Perry was mean to him. It's not even about money to stop fires; as usual with Rick Perry, it's all about HIM.

Steve said...

And whenever the real world consequences of hard line anti-government rhetoric are vividly tested, if a liberal has the audacity to point out said grim reality, they are accused of "politicizing tragedy."

No asshole, it's called "Guess what? Your little selfish Randian fantasy world has consequences in the one the rest of us live in."

Chez said...

Exactly. Don't want that nasty government interference there, Galt? Well that works across the board.

Mart said...

Perry shored up his states deficits with the stimulus money he railed against. Now that the stimulus is dried up the state is facing tens of billions in deficits.

I always like the blue state red state fed money in, fed money out comparisons. Almost all the blue pay more to the fed than they get back (at least before the great recession). Almost all of the red get more in than they pay out. Then their pols convince the rubes of the evil of the feds that really keep the boat afloat.

Anonymous said...

You know this ass clown is going to run for president one of these days. Most likely with a jabbering monkey like Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann in tow.

I'm a Texan...and I approve this message.

ec said...

So, Texas stops funding its essential services, runs into trouble, and asks for federal help.

All the while bashing the President because of the budget.

Its a win-win. Except for those poor people that are pawns.

Tracer Bullet said...

Talk is cheap, Rick. You keep threatening succession, but I want to see some action. It's a shame the other 49 states don't get a vote on the matter.

Anonymous said...

I swear .. you people are insane. How/why you do put up with this crap?

Where I come from... if any politician, at ANY level, suggested we pray for ANYthing, he'd be laughed out of politics.