Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quote of the Day

"His mother was American, you fuckwad."

-- Jon Stewart to ongoing national punchline Donald Trump on the subject of Barack Obama's legitimacy as a U.S. citizen


CNNfan said...

Jon Stewart said, "His mother was American, you f■ckwad."

Jon, when did his mother stop being American?

Coleen said...

she didn't stop being american, she stopped being alive.


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Ya, that was the *lightest* bleeping ever they did of his 'bad' word. Pretty well exactly as CNNfan has represented, up there.

I've got to say that his comment was extremely pithy by being extremely short as well. Sort of like driving in a nail with a nailgun. BLAM!

Well done.

CNNfan said...

Implicit trickery to attack Donald with a mother joke backfires on Jon, who now gets called a 'f■ckwad' by Coleen.

namron said...

To CNNfan

Are you sure that "fuckwad" was directed to Jon? I am not.

CNNfan said...

To Noreen

You know I was just about to ask if anyone seen my personal troll around here.

Trolls ain't supposed to be right, but we'll make an exception for you this time.

You're right. The mother joke was directed to Donald, but backfired on the comedian who made it.