Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Quote of the Day

"There are many things Obama could have done better (or not done at all), but he has certainly steered America away from the disastrous path set by the Bush Administration and set the foundation for a far more stable future. He still remains the only viable candidate from the Left, and everyone should stop kidding themselves that a Dennis Kucinich or Ralph Nader can rescue America and turn it in to a socialist paradise. They can't, and the sooner we get behind the President, the better."

-- Ben Cohen at the Daily Banter

That about sums it up for me. Obama isn't perfect by any means and there are things he has and hasn't accomplished that have infuriated me. But make no mistake, he's done a lot of good while in office that he doesn't get nearly the credit for that he should; on the contrary, what he's gotten is a giant ration of either unfettered crazy or unapologetic indignation from every side imaginable.


Bill Orvis White said...

...worst president in U.S. history. "He" raised taxe$, increased the deficit, weakened the military, erased a culture of life, showed a disrespect for the Oval Office, displayed a hatred for the flag, embraced Marxism, hid the longform birth certificate, fattened up Social Insecurity, Mediraid, Mediscare and Unplanned Parenthood, promoted the gay agenda, held yippie parties with that drug addict from that awful band The Beatles, tried to shutter Gitmo, attempted to end the rightful Bush tax cut$, cut and ran in Iraq, started an illegal war in Libya, ballooned up public miseducation, started up with socialist enviro-whackos to put on crap and trade, held orgies with Nanny Pelosi, Hairy Reid and Bawney Frank where they plotted against America, implemented illegal socialistic health care which will be repealed by President Gingrich, Cain or Romney (and yes Chez, Governor Romney did have a plan in Taxachusetts, but it's not like Hussein Obama's plan because Hussein Obama's plan was drafted by Communists - so sit down and shut up) and most of all, Hussein Obama hates free market$. How do I know? Because Mr. Trump said so.

God Bless,

Chez said...

A good showman knows when to change up his shtick, Bill.

L. said...

I don't understand why people can't comprehend that the president is one part of a 3 branch government. He's not the King of America, he doesn't get to do whatever he wants. Shit, I went to public schools in poor neighborhoods for 12 years and I still learned about checks and balances.

(Note: I actually got an education that often exceeded and at least rivaled the education of my peers in private schools. And I did it all on the taxpayers' dollar, suckers!)

The Bacon said...

Bill Orvis White is the right wing equivalent to the Jane Hamshers of the world. (although I do wonder if maybe BOW isn't actually a right winger but rather someone posting as a caricature of a right winger)

Obama has governed further to the left than any president since Carter. That should make progressives happy.

Although I find Cesca to be, for the most part pretty unreasonable most of the time, he is spot on here.

Marsupialus said...

You're definitely getting better, Bill. Keep trying out your material here because it might eventually work for The Onion. But you're going to have work harder on the satire because it's not there yet.

J. Dack said...

I'm going to have to assume the good things he supposedly accomplished are ones I don't know about, because the repeal of DADT is the only one I can think of.

Granted, I'm 31, single/white/male/childless so much of what can be done by govt is sort of irrelevant to me. Maybe that's why.

-He failed to close Gitmo

-Failed to (actually) end the wars

-Failed to punish the telcoms for warrantless wiretapping

-Extended the Bush tax cuts

-And this health care bill? Maybe it's good for other people but it's shit for me. I'm going from opting out of employer health insurance I cannot possibly afford to being forced by the govt to pay for an alternative plan. Great.

I loved this guy, he was the first politician I ever supported, but I'm damn disappointed.

e said...

I agree that there are things I wish he has done differently, or had flexed more muscle on, but "I loved this guy, he was the first politician I ever supported, but I'm damn disappointed."

We should be just as, if not more, disappointed with every elected official on both sides who seem intent on obstructing, instead of fixing.

Anonymous said...

J. Dack...Obama didn't repeal DADT until the military forced him to. The military has been fighting against the policy since Clinton enacted the stupid thing. This is a repeat of the segregation of the military, where for decades the military brass was stuck dealing with a retarded military policy forced on by civilian authorities more concerned with votes than the needs of the military. Even after his "repeal" of DADT, he has been so damn wishy washy on the issue that he is causing more goddamn problems than if he had not done anything.

Acting like Obama did anything to stop DADT is akin to praising Strom Thurmond for his voting record on civil rights.

So yeah...whatever the fuck Obama is supposedly doing for progressives, I guess we should all eat it up and hand this guy another four years vice...I don't know...actually standing up for some fucking principles.

Doc said...

Bill is also works up the posters in the political forums on Atlanta's AJC.com Too many don't get the joke and bust him or agree completely with him.

Either way, depressing.

Capt Aclow said...

Did somebody ever say Bill Orvis White was a good showman? If so, I missed the memo.

Izar Talon said...

Well, it took me a while to "get" Bill. I've actually read so many people saying the same thing he says with a completely straight face that I didn't see the real intent. I had to actually go to his website before I understood. But I agree, it is depressing. That there are so many people out there that sound exactly like him is both depressing and frightening.

I have good news, though. This weekend my girlfriend told me about something her mother had told her, something she had seen on Glenn Beck. I winced, and she asked what was wrong, so I went online and actually SHOWED her video of Beck, and explained to her why I felt about him the way I do. After about 5 minutes of finally actually watching him for herself she wrinkled up her face and said "This guy is a DICK!" Now she understands what I was saying about him, and just rolls her eyes and ignores it when her mother goes on and on about how wonderful Beck is.

She's a bit disturbed, though. Before, she used to say that her mother wasn't stupid, and if Beck was such a quack then her mother wouldn't listen to him. But now she's lost a lot of faith in her mother and can't understand how she could actually believe such an obvious charlatan like him. It makes me sad that it had to happen that way, but I all I really did was just show her the video and she came to her own conclusions. It was a clip from the show where he had the supposed 12 year old "genius" who had mathematical proof that the big bang didn't happen and was going to prove all modern scientists wrong. After about 5 minutes of it she saw right through Beck and said he was a dick.

I made me so proud of her. (: She has always been very un-political, and just took what her mother said as the truth and didn't look into things herself, but she has a very good head on her shoulders; it's just been filled with so much crap by her mother that it was hard for her to think about certain things sometimes, but I'm educating her out of it, and she's a quick study. I pretty much just have to point her in the general direction of the truth and she figures it out on her own.

It makes me damn proud.

Mart said...

I find BOW's shtick entertaining. A least he is not a whiny old liberal like me. Speaking of whiny old liberals... We really never get a bone. Team Obama starts center right, crazy ass (R) says Obama is dangerous, and we must all run off a cliff or die. So the slightly regressive law goes through as it is not as bad as what could have been.

Taibbi called it on health care and bankster reform. Now watch it play on Medicaid & Social Security. Obama has some BS deficit reduction panel that cannot agree but proposes slashing Social Security and Medicaid (programs I have been paying into since 1972) and further cutting taxes for the rich. Today Ryan comes out with a "serious" plan that will destroy health care for the elderly (me) and the poor, and allow more tax breaks for the rich.

They will then say - let's use the commission plan over Ryan's, 'cause Ryan is more scary.

Nobody will mention that with a return to Clinton tax rates, and serious cuts to the 1.2 trillion we spend on endless wars and their machines, along with 6% unemployment - problem solved. Medicaid for everyone and we can pay for a trip to Mars bitches.

So what is a good liberal to do to get a lousy damn bone?

I know nobody is reading this anymore, but JDack - you have no idea of the good parts of the Affordable Care Act. (Basically because they do not kick in for three or so years giving them plenty of time to defund it and cut taxes on the rich.)

namron said...

If the Progressive left thought Obama could, in one term, accomp-lish the kind of change that would bring social and economic justice to the country and reverse seventy-years of military-corporate aggregation, then they are delusional Pollyannas. That kind of change is accomplished without the political equivalent of the worst Tourette's attack, ever, by decades of patient change through tedious legislation and litigation. If you want it faster, then start a revolution and be prepared to die with no certainty of the outcome. I seriously doubt that educated, elistist progressives are prepared for that, so long as Tyrone, Dale, and Julio can be hired to do it for them. If you are older than 3, whining is rarely a successful revolutionary strategy.

Izar Talon said...

I have always wondered what makes us Liberals "elitist." Is it liking smart people? I consider that meritocratic, not elitist. When someone uses the word elitist, all I can think of is rich snobs wanting to keep "lessers" out of their country club or neighborhood, and, well... that's really not something Liberals are known for doing.

And what do you mean by a Tourette's attack? Like a shouting match, as in coprolalia, when someone with TS spouts profanities uncontrollably? Or uncontrollable tics and jerks and spasms? I have moderate Tourette Syndrome, but I'm not offended; I'm just curious what you meant.

But I agree; there's no way Obama could have brought all the change it seems people were expecting in one term, especially after Bush's reign. People REALLY need to stop bitching; they should have realized from the very beginning that his first term was essentially going to be damage control. You have to clear away the rubble and clean up the mess before you can start rebuilding something.

Ref said...

I'll get behind him when he shows just about any interest in getting behind me.

Anonymous said...

So damage control was this supposedly very smart guy handing over his economic/fiscal policy administration posts to big wall street rah-rahs?
How's that working for you?
He should have to gone after clean election financing/regulation first.
Then maybe the uncommitted voters would have seen change they could believe in.

Chez said...

More than anything else, that has offended me to no end about Obama's time in office: his willingness to put our financial well-being right back into the hands of the people who fucked us all in the first place. That's practically unforgivable. But that being said, if you look at it pragmatically -- and sometimes you have no choice but to -- a Republican president would have done that and screwed us in a whole host of new ways that Obama has tried not to. I get that the lesser of two evils argument isn't a good one, but a) he's had a hell of a centrist-progressive agenda on more than a few issues, and b) you can be as idealistic as you'd like, in the end reality is reality.

Bill Bush said...

You mean BOW isn't Colbert's rough draft writer?