Monday, April 04, 2011

Quote of the Day

"Meanwhile, the firebaggers can officially launch their Kucinich/Hamsher primary challenge and totally waste their time and money. Good luck to you."

-- Bob Cesca on the official launch of Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign

Yeah, so far the potential Republican challengers may as well be driving around in one of those tiny clown cars. But I've said before that the narcissistic dipshits within Obama's own party who can't shut up about how he's "just like Bush" because he didn't dismantle the military, make gay marriage and drug use mandatory and build a Whole Foods on top of Ground Zero are actually a hell of a lot more irritating.

Because remember, the most important issue currently facing this country is whether or not Bradley Manning is having a good time in jail.


Robyn said...

on a totally unrelated note i think you would find this self-serving self-righteous [althoough a real bigwig in funding charity events, guys donates millions to MS]fellow floridian worth a read.

paleotectonics said...

Strawman much?

Obama's a goddamn worthless republican, and I am ashamed to have voted for him. Just because he is not as bad as a teabagger does not make him remotely a good person. How much more are we supposed to take - after 8 years of a criminal plutocracy, we let ourselves have hope. Christ, were we stupid.

Chad Stanton said...

Co-sign although I think it is useful to remember how little influence they assert. For the most part Democrats are pleased with Obama's performance but it always helps the media narrative to have division be the focus.

Chez said...

Oh, strawman my ass, Paleo. I don't agree with everything Obama's done but it's ludicrous to make the claim that he's a Republican, certainly not in their current incarnation.

Captain Splendid said...

Hey, let Chez have his strawmen! To make parity with the conservative crazification factor, you have to invent a few warm bodies so that you can smugly sit back and say that "both sides do it".

Bob said...

I don't think Obama is a bad President, but I didn't think Bush was either. I think people buy the rhetoric during elections, time-after-time, and are then shocked when they all do basically the same things.

Obama is what the most of our Presidents have been; pragmatists who get overwhelmed early in their tenure at the enormity of the job. They then do their best to absorb the shit that flies at them like a fire hose. They do their best, makes the best decisions they can and 50 or 100 years later, hope that history treats them well.

As proof that Obama's actions show that Bush wasn't as bad as most will have you believe, I offer:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The alleged mastermind of the 9-11 attacks and four co-conspirators have been referred for military trial at Guantanamo Bay, US Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday, blaming Congress for the U-turn.

Holder said he was convinced Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed and the others could have been successfully prosecuted in a US civilian court, but Congress had approved restrictions blocking trials of Guantanamo detainees in the United States.

"So today I am referring the cases of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Walid (Muhammad) bin Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali, and Mustapha Ahmed Al-Hawsawi to the Department of Defense to proceed in military commissions," he said.

"Furthermore, I have directed prosecutors to move to dismiss the indictment that was handed down under seal in the Southern District of New York in December, 2009, and a judge has granted that motion," he said.

Mart said...

I think the dipshits are those in the Republican Party that allowed dogma to overtake their party to a point where rational thinking is enough to make you ineligible to be elected.

Most of the criticism from the left about Obama is in the same vein as their criticism of Bush - as it should be. There are several paths that both Presidents have taken that should give us all pause. The Imperial Presidency with unlimited (I guess the limit is 1.2 trillion) defense spending. Both have worked to gut taxes (despite the hype at 70 year lows) especially on the rich and corporations. And Obama and Congress are now planning to pay for the wars and reduced revenue by gutting social programs.

The real lefty complaints are a bit different than mandatory gay marriage and drug use, and I wish they had enough impact to sway policy. Obviously they do not. Obama always voted like a blue dog, but he ran as a progressive. He now governs as a blue dog, and he deserves criticism from progressives.

Of course Obama gets my vote over the insane clown posse, but I do wish the bipartisan endless wars in the middle east, and the bipartisan wars on the middle class and poor would stop.

Voja said...

Because anyone who is disappointed with Barack Obama's first term so far is a ridiculous hippie stereotype. Right. This kind of smug centrist posturing is just as tiresome as the far-left radicalism it attempts to mock.

Chez said...

Captain, what the hell are you talking about? I never once bought into the "both sides" meme and I've made mention of that over and over again.

Voja, no, not everyone who's disappointed with Obama's presidency is a hippie stereotype. Like I said, I've been disappointed with plenty of things he's done -- and a few things he hasn't done -- but I also know what will surely be the unbelievably high price of either backing a "third party" candidate against Obama or simply sitting the election out because he didn't give you everything you wanted (a lot of which he never promised). The result of that action or inaction will be a victory for those who will give you nothing you want. It's cutting off your nose to spite your face -- or, to forgo the analogy, it'll be fucking the country just to make a juvenile point.

paleotectonics said...

Who the hell mentioned third party or sitting out? Or mandatory buttsex, for that matter. But I am certainly gonna try to primary the sonuvabitch. Feingold, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Chez...I can't agree. This is the same argument over and over again...we have to settle on a candidate because the potential could be worse.

This is the mindset that drives the vast majority of potential voters not to participate. Why should I when anyone that might match my values have been dubbed a waste of my time and money. So I get a choice...the insanity of the far right of the republican party or a president that basically has not made even a fraction of his campaign promises.

I honestly don't blame Obama, nor did I have any expectations of him (hence why I never gave him my vote). I just get really annoyed getting told I have to make a decision between either of two whores for the Democratic or Republican parties.

I also kind of take offense of how you seem to marginalize any opposition to Obama from the left. He is a lot like Bush on many, extremely important issues for this country and to just paint them as a slew of out of touch claims is unfair. Obama didn't claim to dismantle the military...but he sure as shit promised to pull out of Iraq and clarify the mission in Afghanistan. Feel free to explain to all of us how he has done so. Just as such, he ran on making a decision about gay marriage...not punting on the DOMA as he has done so. And I am sorry, but as a military vet...its is EXTREMELY important to not only those accused of crimes but also those within the military that Bradley Manning be treated in a legal and humane fashion.

I find myself again wondering...what exactly about Obama makes it so easy for you to ignore the opinion that the presidency of Obama is similar to Bush II?

B8ovin said...

Bob Said,

I don't understand how your reference of Holder's actions in any way vindicate Bush. The capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a result of the Afghan invasion, which leaves the question of the budgetary and humanitarian debacle of the Iraq war yet to be justified. The fact that Khalid Mohammed and his co-conspirators were tortured over 100 times after they had admitted, through standard interrogation by the FBI, their roles in 9-11 still paints a brutal picture of Bush. Indeed, it isn't that Bush is not as bad as we expected, it's that Obama has shown he will uphold some of the policies that lead many of us to despise the Bush presidency.

I have no problem with what Obama has not been able to accomplish, reality is often more demanding than desire. What I dislike is what Obama has decided to embrace.