Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black."

-- Tea Party activist and member of the Orange County Republican Party central committee Marilyn Davenport, defending the above photo she circulated in an e-mail along with the comment, "Now you know why —- No birth certificate!"

Nope, no racism there.


Anonymous said...

Given how many incidents of this ilk have been unfurled under the tea party banner, inevitably followed by shock when some smart ass liberal suggests this is prima facie evidence as to the racism inherent in the T.P.'s cause, you have to wonder what the bar for racism is with these people. Actual lynchings?

From what I've seen in blog talkbacks, the racists counter by not only denying that they are racists, but by pointing out the real racists are those pointing out their racism. It's a neat trick if you are a total moron.

The other fun factor is unlike asking Obama to denounce some random poor bastard posting anonymously on Kos, a lot of these minstrel show jokes are coming from actual self-styled "leaders" in the tea party movement. And yet, we're not supposed to attribute their, the leaders, behavior to that of their followers. Unlike, say one excerpted sermon of Rev. Wright as evidence that the President hates America.

Matt Osborne said...

She was also quoted saying that she had only sent it people she didn't think would find it offensive. That's a bald statement of rationalization, right there: I'm not racist because I only sent it to people who wouldn't think it was racist.

Riles said...

Dude, she has black friends. I mean, come on.

StrangeRover said...

The racial fear and general hate-mongering of the tea party is as obvious as it is inexplicable. That said, I want to remind us all how much fun we had comparing GW Bush to a chimp. Rather unflattering to chimpanzees, I know. Remember the Bush or Chimp website?

Chugga said...

I don't have any black friends, does that make me a racist?

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard for some people to grasp the subtleties of the notion that, yes, some things are racist when applied to people of color that are just silly when applied to white people? Is context and history so hard to factor in? Not to mention I don't think any big time Democrat activists were caught forwarding the Bush/Chimp stuff. And even if they were, sorry folks, but a different standard applies. Just like jokingly calling one of your mail buddies "bitch" is different than calling your female boss the same thing.

Context is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

If this is the definition of racism today a personal private joke gone public then were in pretty good shape.I know white people aren't the only ones that make jokes about other races.Also Let's not generalize here not all tea party people are racist just like all catholic priest are not pedophiles judge individuals not groups

Ref said...

Indeed, the definition of "racist" to these fuckwits involves a sheet with a pointy hood and at least a cross-burning. Because they don't do things like that, they belive themselves to be clean of racism.

I seriously doubt she has black friends anymore, unless she counts Herman Cain and that douchebag who writes teabagger songs.

Chez said...

First of all, Eric, don't comment anonymously (5:31).

No, if an official member of a political party's power structure is circulating a picture of the first black President of the United States as chimp, and as the son of chimps, while making a joke about an absurd ongoing controversy over whether or not he's actually American, we're most definitely not in good shape.

And no one's saying that every member of the Tea Party is some sort of bigot -- but make no mistake, there's absolutely xenophobia at the core of the Tea Party as a movement. There's too much evidence of that fact that can't be overlooked, beginning with the question: Where was the Tea Party outrage when George Bush was extending the power of government, raising the deficit, getting us into expensive wars for no reason and spending money we didn't have? The answer: all of these acts were forgivable when the guy in the White House doing them didn't represent a fundamental change in the cultural make-up of America, one that scares the hell out of a lot of people who feel like their country is being taken away from them.

namron said...

Wait a minute . . the President is black? Hell, I thought he was Tiger Woods uncle.

Izar Talon said...

I still find it hilarious when Tea Bagger's actually use the "I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black!" line with a straight face. Don't they realize how much of a Goddamn fucking tragic cliché it is? Haven't they seen any of the THOUSANDS of comedians use that joke in the past several decades? My God, Colbert and Stewart have BOTH made that joke at least once each in just the past few years.

And yeah, I think these people actually DO believe that you have to wear a hood and try to kill blacks to be considered a racist. I REALLY want to hear someone ask this woman just exactly WHAT IS her definition of racism.

And yes, Anon 5:31, making jokes about someone based on the color of their skin IS, by definition, racism. Comparing someone to an ape based on the color of their skin is very, very, VERY racist. It is implying that they aren't as highly evolved as whites and are closer to the apes than they are are. And don't even TRY to claim that wasn't her intention, because it's blatantly obvious.

I always love to point out that, since humanity is widely held to have evolved in Africa, the first humans were black, and white people are essentially mutants of black people, having lost our God-given skin pigmentation and become an unhealthy pale shade, susceptible to sunburn and other skin-related health risks.

Steve said...

What I enjoy is that tone of aggrieved inconvenience that white conservatives get when they have to school us less enlightened on what is and isn't racism. How many times do they have to tell us that picturing the president as the progeny of apes, or the White House as the black house, or the Watermelon lawn are just jokes? Stupid libtards. It's almost as bad when old white conservative guys have to decide which woman are allowed to have abortions or why gays can't marry. What's so hard about the concept that old white guys know best?

It's like when Rushbo made a big deal about the first lady suckin' on a big old rack of ribs when it was in fact is was a dainty portion of braised short ribs. Racism? No, no, no. Comedy! Because it was super bad hypocrisy, unlike Newt's patriotic diddling.

NoxiousNan said...

It's time to name this silliness. a la Godwin's Law. We need a name for the method by which one defends their bigoted behavior or speach by claiming to have friends belonging to the targeted group.

Izar Talon said...

Racist's Law of Joke to Friend Proportionality

The number of friends of a certain race which an individual claims to have in public statements will be directly proportional to the number of jokes about said race which that individual has made in private conversation.


As the number of racist jokes an individual makes in private increases, the number of friends among the race in question publicly claimed by that individual approaches infinity.

Plus, First Corollary to the Racist's Law of Joke to Friend Proportionality

1. The more vehemently, publicly, and often an individual denies being racist, the more likely they are.

Also known as:

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Anyone have any more corollaries to go with it? Every good Internet Meme Law needs some good corollaries.