Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prattle: Los Angeles

Got myself a nice little mention in the L.A. Times.

And thankfully it doesn't involve any outstanding warrants.

The Los Angeles Times: Does Chef Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' Concept Infringe on Personal Freedom?/4.13.11


Matt said...

Congrats on the mentions! I'm a bit disappointed in the LA Times commenters. Only about 2/3 seemed to get totally bent out of shape at the personal liberty angle. My favorite was this guy.

""there's still something decidedly draconian about pushing to reflexively relieve us [!!!] of our freedom of choice when it comes to what we eat.

"Us? It's interesting that on this "controversy," right-wingers and libertarians unconsciously identify themselves as the emotional equals of schoolchildren."

Chez said...

Yeah, that was pretty entertaining.

CNNfan said...

That feels pretty good, don't it Chez ?!?!