Thursday, April 07, 2011

Meet the FOKer

You know, this might just work.


The Bacon said...

Will it work? Not for me.

I try to seek out reasonable commentators. Olbermann is as far from that as possible.

On another note, to mock and discount a Romney campaign is thoughtless. Without predicting it will happen, imho anyone that finds Romney unelectable ought to have their head examined.

I know KO changed to down of his dismissive laughter when he got to Romney, but to lump him in with Bachman and Palin is just retarded.

Chez said...

I actually do think Romney is "electable," but these days that has a decidedly negative connotation. At the very least it says nothing about how he'd actually govern. He looks like a president right out of central casting, though, so who knows.

CNNfan said...

The News Channels are Focked!