Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Listening Post

This is what I've been waiting for all year -- without a doubt my favorite song of 2011 so far and a powerful and evocative video, reminiscent of the criminally underappreciated 2005 film Stay.

Here's the title track from Manchester Orchestra's upcoming album, Simple Math.

Also, below, a fan video that I seem to keep going back to again and again -- one that puts images from Stay to a song from Keane that's also become a favorite of mine over the past few years.

This is A Bad Dream.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm going to owe you something big for introducing me to this. Rarely do I love a song so much on first listen.

- Kara

Geek Girl Diva said...

Do you keep a list somewhere of the Listening Post songs? Or is it just easier to go off the tags?

Chez said...

I've given some thought to posting the bands in the actual title of the Listening Post but for some reason I like it the way it is. Best to just go by the label.

sommer said...

"I want to rip your lips off in my mouth"

so fucking sexy.

I heard this on the radio the other day and that line really stuck with me. I'm so glad you posted this because I had no idea who sang it and I suck at remembering to google things.

NoxiousNan said...

What Kara said.

I'm just a silly old fool, surreptitiously crying at work.

mom said...

Wow....I love it. Thanks, Chez. It was one of your listening post that turned me on to Sia. Thanks for sharing and I am not crying right now. I pinky swear.