Thursday, April 14, 2011

Listening Post

A couple of months back I posted a clip of a Southern California indie artist named Mimi Page performing her single, New, live at L.A.'s Room 5. At the time, I raved about how ethereal, beautiful and downright magical the song was and how it was one of those tracks I actually forced myself not to listen to too often, simply because I wanted to make sure I'd never get tired of hearing it.

Well, I haven't. Not in the least.

Now it turns out that Mimi is putting out a second EP as an accompaniment to the one she released in January, A Lullaby for the Lonely. The new record is available on iTunes and features one original and two really well-done covers.

I know all of this, by the way, only because Mimi wrote to me a few days ago to say thanks for my kind words about her and her music. It's always a joy to find out that somebody whose stuff touches you is as nice a person as you'd hoped -- and she's very, very nice. So do yourself a favor and support the work of somebody who really deserves it, okay?

Click here to hear Mimi Page's version of Massive Attack's Teardrop

Click here to go to Mimi Page's MySpace profile

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trish said...

Love this, thanks.