Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Last Word

The Onion's Baratunde Thurston turns his obvious and understandable outrage down to a simmer -- as best he can -- and sums up the events of today in a way I couldn't even dream of rivaling.

Just watch and listen.


Trixi said...

Oh, man. That was moving. I'm crying. Heartbreaking, indeed.

Steve said...

Wow. Church.

I think he nailed to most corrosive aspect of the unrelenting attacks on Obama. It's the way the racists have diminished the entire struggle for civil rights, casting it as practically a "he said/she said." They are trying to will a world where the only racists are those that call out blatant racism, and they've almost gotten away with it.

Dan said...

That is the single best explanation and rant about the real effects and real base of the birther movement I have seen.

I didn't like Trump before all this. Now he just makes me sick.

Alanna said...

I have chills. Fuck yeah, Baratunde.

Eric said...

That... was amazing. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Mart said...

That was an amazing perspective. I forget how nice it is to be white.

Of course today we pivot and wonder how the heck Obama, with his undisclosed so obviously shitty grades,could ever manage to get into a school like Harvard??? No white feller could have gotten in with those grades. Just how did the little black guy manage it? Hmmmmm. It is not that we are racist, we just have a legitimate question, why won't he disclose his grades???

I hate these race baiting fuckers. They gotta know better, but they need to motivate the 30% of the knuckle dragging vote, so the country be damned.

surfer said...

How eloquent.

The suits at NBC should be ashamed of themselves for having stood by and done nothing while Trump was ranting. I guess ratings are more important than having a moral compass. As Lawrence O'Donnell said above, he is an embarrassment.

As a human being (and a Canadian), I feel such a sense of sadness that the President of the United States has been denigrated in such a fashion and treated with such a lack of respect, and that no one, until now, really has spoken up. I am reminded of that famous quote:

"All it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing."

Thank you Chez for posting these videos.