Thursday, April 07, 2011

Faster, Pussycats

Considering the feckless idiocy going on right now on the Hill, I'd vote for the cats.

The Onion: Cat Congress Mired in Sunbeam/9.25.09

(via Andrew Sullivan, who always respects the classics)


doc said...

As a federal employee for all of 2 yrs now, I can tell you we're all pretty anxious about it. I'm in charge of a clinical testing program. we get patient samples in from all of the U.S. every day doing testing that nobody in the United States offers to the degree we do. Small numbers, sophisticated molecular analysis, we provide important information steering direct patient care for this group.

It will all stop. Testing in progress will be ruined. Scuttlebutt is that it will be a hard shutdown. THey will really try to keep 'excepted' personnel down to a complete bare minimum to keep the place from burning down but that's it. They want to make as many people out there realize how much the government does for people and what a shudown or cut in services really mean for those tea baggers.

And then there's the little issue about us not getting next week's paycheck and then likely not getting paid for those furlough days either.

With the budget ceiling hitting next month and the 2012 budget coming up, the admin really needs to draw a line in the sand now and bitch slap these shit-flinging howler monkeys that the press politely calls 'tea party caucus'.

nancy said...

"We're not paying these idiots to sit around and lick each other all day"

That just about says it all, doesn't it?