Thursday, April 07, 2011

Conflict Disinterest

I wish I had time to elaborate more on this but considering that I've devoted a good amount of copy both here and at the Huffington Post to beating the living crap out of NBC Universal for the shamelessly cross-promotional profit machine it's become, what you're about to see should come as no surprise at all.

This morning, the Today show's Meredith Vieira softballed NBC reality show star and perennial national punchline Donald Trump on both his bullshit flirtation with a run for the White House and his sudden rise to the position of King of the Birthers. She did this while trumpeting -- wait for it -- an NBC News/WSJ poll that supposedly puts Trump among the top GOP contenders for president should he choose to run once his fucking television show wraps this season.

You really have to see this circus-like nonsense to believe it -- not just because it's such an awesome display of personal and professional hubris on the part of both Trump and NBC as well as an almost unfathomable Möbius loop of meta-media self-promotion, but because it really does feel like it marks the nadir for a once-great and respected television network. Really, all that's missing is for Top Chef winner Richard Blais to be cooking for Trump on a GE stove while some guy from Comcast installs cable in the background.


The Bacon said...

Will it really take 500 years before the country elects President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho?

Chez said...

One of my favorite recent quote, from Matt Taibbi:

"By any measure it was a landmark moment in the history of human self-involvement. This is the beginning of our big Lost in Space journey together, where news and reality-show programming fuse completely and we all end up complete morons, voting strippers and X-games athletes into the White House."

He was talking about the LeBron James ESPN special, but he was right about the Lost in Space journey we've begun.

Bill Orvis White said...

Mr. Trump could put us all on a path to prosperity. I like what he has to say. Here is a he-man who worked his way up from a hardscrabble secular existence into a meaningful successful life filled with a pro-business attitude, job creation and beautiful God-fearing women. I love, respect and look up to the Honorable Mr. Trump

Benoit from Ottawa said...

"Here is a he-man who worked his way up from a hardscrabble secular existence into a meaningful successful life filled with a pro-business attitude, job creation and beautiful God-fearing women."

Amen, Bill Orvis!

He's a fine example of what you don't want in a politician.

Chez said...

A memorable line from the Trump roast:

"We're here tonight to honor a self-made millionaire, who started with nothing, worked hard, and made a fortune. That man of course is Fred Trump, Donald’s father."

-- Seth MacFarlane

Jadine said...

I thought Bill Cosby's reaction afterwards when Meredith Vieira asked him what his thoughts on DT running for office were was absolutely priceless.

Eric said...

Would it be nepotism if Trump asks his hair to be his running mate? I'm just asking.

Bill Orvis White said...

Mr. Trump is saying all the right things. I pray that he drives hard at this fake Hawaiian birth certificate. I said it all along that Lil Hussein's grandmother said that he was born in a Kenyan tribal ceremony. Did you hear Mr. Trump say that he knows smart folk who question this president's birthplace? Smart people are wondering if this Kenyan Muslim is a plant. I'm jumping for joy that Mr. Trump is the one who finally said it on the television! Hussein Obama's birthplace is the biggest issue in this 2012 race. It is the crime not only of the century, but of this once-free nation's history.

BTW, Chez, I'm changing up my game plan and praying hard for a rightful government shutdown. I never did that before.



Narbe said...

The best headline I've seen(yet) regarding this is from the Guardian:
"Donald Trump for president: a punchline looking for a joke."

adam culver said...

...shit, Blais won?

I was pulling for Mike...

Chez said...

Granted I haven't had either's food, but Blais struck me as much more interesting. Plus Mike is just a tool.