Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Clown Car Derby

I've said before -- to the point of being pretty much blue in the face, in fact -- that I don't make a habit of mercilessly mocking the current incarnation of the GOP because I happen to stand staunchly against every tenet of conservatism. That's not it at all. On the contrary, there are quite a few issues on which I've traditionally leaned to the right.

No, I can't in good conscience allow myself to be aligned with the Republicans these days because -- well, let's take a look at a couple of news items from just the last 24 hours.

Sideshow Bobby

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is the latest and possibly brownest Republican leader to hop on the birther bandwagon, announcing that he'll sign into law a bill requiring presidential candidates to produce their long-form birth certificates before being included on the ballot in Louisiana, should such an idiotic piece of legislation ever reach his desk. To her credit, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer discovered some vestige of good sense deep within herself and vetoed a similar bill, calling it too intrusive.

The shameless pandering of a guy whose background is more than vaguely foreign to the most bigoted within his own party proves delightfully the little point I made yesterday -- that the perpetually frightened white, Christian lummoxes who dominate the GOP don't necessarily insist on ethnic or racial purity within their party, they just demand that the minorities know their place and do what they're told.

Donald McDonald

Speaking of birthers, Donald Trump now has his own special segment every Monday on Fox News's morning comedy show starring Steve Douchey, the guy whose eyes are too close together and one of the 112 cackling blonde dumb-asses on the network, Fox and Friends. The promos for the regular spot tout Trump as someone who's "brash" and who will make his voice heard "loud and clear" at the start of every workweek, which admittedly has a better ring to it than calling Trump a fucking megalomanical nut-job who will basically say anything to get attention. The interesting thing about Fox's current love affair with Trump, though, is how quickly and absolutely it's forced guys like Karl Rove into the role of the desperate, pathetic ex vying for attention from the former paramour which was once couldn't keep its hands off him. Fox has a shiny new lover, one who shares the network's worship of bombastic stupidity and who dispenses with anyone who dares to criticize him with a level of frat boy dickishness that Fox News all but trademarked. It's a match made in self-obsessed heaven.

And Then There's This...

I rest my case.


Thomas B said...

There's a video quality to it that brings to mind a high-gloss feature from VIVID, starring Steven St Croix and Tara Patric. Some of the same sets, too, I see!

Eric said...

Well, I guess that wasn't a fake video--I mean, James O'Keefe really is a douche as depicted.

Steve said...

I remember reading about Joe McCarthy as a kid and thinking that his ilk could never happen in the enlightened, modern, disco 70's. Now I'm almost 50 and I realize that McCarthy would be lost somewhere in the middle of the pack of today's Republican party.

And the worse thing is how you just start to get used to it.

ec said...

What Steve said x1000.