Friday, April 22, 2011

Assistant Quote of the Day

"This guy is like if every College Republican chapter president in the world and the most insufferable students in your undergraduate philosophy class, plus fifty-thousand copies of Atlas Shrugged, combined into a Voltron and started a blog."

-- Adrian Chen of Gawker on Dilbert creator Scott "I can't stop digging this hole for myself" Adams

Gawker: Scott Adams Defends Gwyneth Paltrow from Privileged Black Woman/4.22.11


Calitri said...

Scott should probably stick to office life. That he nailed. Everything else? Not so much.

Kevin Davis said...

Umm no. Disclaimer, I think Dilbert sucks and is not funny.

It's a catchy comparison but completely overblown criticism for what adams actually said:

It's worth noting, in the interest of context, that Goff was born with a few advantages herself. She's beautiful, smart, and apparently had the resources she needed to make it through NYU and go on to get her Master's Degree at Columbia University. If you ask Goff what made her successful, would she credit her hard work and leave out her other obvious advantages? Or would she answer honestly and say, "I worked hard for what I've achieved, but it didn't hurt that I'm a brilliant, smoking-hot African-American woman in 2011." I'm just saying that people don't generally talk about their advantages. To do so would be...wait for it…gloating.

Chen must be referring to James O'Keefe or someone who actually deserves that caustic wit. I don't agree with Adams but c'mon people.

Capt Aclow said...

I don't know man, Adams has a very unusual agenda... Anyone who hasn't followed his for awhile to get a sense of what he does (like take an offensive viewpoint with his own readers to just stir up the pot, etc) doesn't really "get" it.

At the very least, I think you'd have to admit he makes much more nuanced observations and fleshes out his opinions in the context of his full blog posts more than fucking Gawker. Gawker blows.

The Bacon said...

I love Keli Goff. I always look forward to her writings on Huffpo and the loop21.

That said, Adams does have a point. I imagine that every year thousands of type A's life Keli fight for places in Ivy League schools. In this era of affirmative action, being a super intelligent black woman is probably second only to being an old money legacy when it comes to getting those spots.

Adams may be a complete douche..I don't know. I read his comic strip from time to time, but I don't know a thing about him otherwise. That said, if he's off the reservation here, it's not by much.

That said, I have one caveat. I think, in most circumstances, it's a dick move to read an essay and criticize the author for what he/she doesn't say.

So...I guess he's correct about her advantages but wrong in telling her what should have been in her essay.

Izar Talon said...

I don't get all the hate I see for Gwyneth Paltrow on HuffPo all the time. I've never seen any reason to, although I must admit that I don't read stuff about celebrities and I HATE celebrity gossip bullshit where sch reasons to hate her wold be written. But I WILL say that the reasons I have seen people give for their dislike of her in the HuffPo comments section has pretty much been bullshit like "just look at her face, she seems like a total bitch to me, I don't like her at all" or "I hated that movie she was in, she must be a bitch." It's like, she's a pretty white woman who has made a successful career as an actress, so let's get her! But most of you already know the quality of most of the comments on HuffPo. Just read the comment section on pretty much article Chez posts there. Reactionary, judgmental, and just waiting to take offense to anything anyone says is kind of an understatement. And if there isn't anything to actually take offense to in a statement, they will knowingly misconstrue a statement in order to take offense.

So, Palrow saying that she's successful because she works hard mutates into her saying that if anyone ISN'T successful it's just because they DON'T work hard. And correct me if I'm wrong, but that isn't what she said.

Did she say something else that actually was insulting? I mean, seriously, she can get a break from a family friend to get into her first movie, but if she sucked and she was lazy she really WOULDN'T be where she is. Honestly, I haven't read Keli Goff's article yet so I don't know exactly what it says, but I have seen other pieces on HuffPo where people jump all over her for no good reason - and calling Paltrow out for saying that she is where she is because she worked hard and not pointing out that she got in her first movie because Spielberg is a family friend? That seems like a lame basis for ripping on someone.

I don't especially love Gwyneth Paltrow, but I do especially hate people bullying and criticizing others for no good reason I can see. And I haven't seen a good reason for it yet.

But Adams' attack on Keli Goff and his claim of her "advantages" is just bullshit. Oh how LUCKY she was to be born a black woman! We all know how advantageous THAT is.

e said...

Like Aclow said, if you read that entire post, its totally about things being taken out of context and blown up in the current media climate. Sprouting from a controversy of his where he was posting under a pseudonym to debate people hating on him.

I don't agree with Adams all the time, but most of the time he doesn't take much of a stand. His blog is full of thought exercises and disclaimers, and as Aclow said, much more nuanced thoughts then is pulled out of a few parts of one blog post.

Stephen said...

I've read Goff's post in question and I find nothing in there that should trigger a comment like that from anyone. Paltrow just happened to be unfortunate illustration of the larger point of the article...privilege without recognition of such. It's a well written post and not far off the mark IMO. Adams comment just smacks of the right's overreaction to anyone who dares question the old way, as Chez has written about so often lately.

Smokin' hot? Eh. She's cute for sure.