Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Animal Corrective

I'll make this really quick.

Can indie bands please declare a moratorium on giving themselves animal names?

Jesus, there's Deerhunter, Crocodiles, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes, Tame Impala, Wolfmother, Owl City (whose breakout single was Fireflies), Panda Bear (who's a member of Animal Collective), Foals, the Mountain Goats, Caribou, Wolf Parade -- and that barely scratches the surface.

I get that animal names have been popular for decades (Meet the Beatles), but it's almost a bad cliché that if you want to instantly appeal to the faux-esoteric hipster crowd all you have to do is slap some name on yourself or your project that makes it sound like you're not just into protecting the woods -- you're into shitting in them.

You know, now that I think about it there is a Swiss ska band called Open Season. Can we arm them?


e said...

In The Mountain Goats defense, he's been around quite awhile, and I can't get enough of the literary lyrics and somewhat whiney voice.

kanye said...

Yeah!!!! When are bands going to get back to naming themselves after places, like Chicago, Boston, Berlin, Chilliwack...

...Coral Gables?

Chez said...

Eat a dick, Kanye.

Anonymous said...

Beastie Boys

The Bacon said...

Do you play music Chez?

I ask only because I wonder if you have ever had to name a band. It sucks ass....especially now that google exists.

Just when you think you've got one..nope..someone else already took it.

Anonymous said...

I vote for naturally destructive names, like The Sea Lion Maimers, for starters.

Chez said...

Oh yes, Bacon. Been playing drums since I was five and I have in fact been in a band. As Kanye referenced, we had the worst name ever -- the story behind it is just drunken stupidity and a lack of time to think of something better.

kanye said...

--the story behind it is just drunken stupidity and a lack of time to think of something better.

That statement pretty accurately describes my entire decision making process through my first thirty years of life.

slouchmonkey said...

Jesus, and they're all on DangerBIRD Records! Silver Lake may need to go.

Fungi said...

Damn! Kanye got you with "Coral Gables". That's funny.

I guess you're gonna hate the name of my new band, "Beaver".

Anonymous said...

"Red Vage of Courage"...we lasted about 3 months...but my god...that was an awesome garage/punk name.

Izar Talon said...

I'm all for arming Ska bands of all nationalities to hunt down bands with shitty names. I nominate Reel Big Fish to take up rod and reel to go out and bring in every band of aquatic wildlife nature. Then the Aquabats can go after aquatic, flying... mammals... er, wait a minute... Fish... Bats...


-Ok, so Reel Big Fish isn't the greatest of names, but they're tied for fist place as my favorite band so I give them a pass. And the Aquabats are just the Aquabats and the MC Bat Commander would blow you up with his superhero powers if you tried to stop them.-

Aww Hell, you caught me, I'm pretty much all for anything at all to do with Ska bands doing anything at all.

Anyway, Operation Ivy would wipe them all out with nuclear tests.

\puts on 'is pork-pie hat and wanders off skankin' to da beat...\

Alanna said...

I was in a riot grrl band that went by the name WENCH. I played drums and my bass had a picture of a witch with her arms up holding two drumsticks which thus formed the "W" in Wench. Rumor has it my lead singer has our 4-track demo.

Thank you, 1992-1995.

I played on Sabian B8's...ha!

Eric said...

I really don't see where you're having a probl--oh, wait, yeah, yeah, I get the issue now. I see the issue. Yeah, none of these names are f'ing metal enough.



Grïzzly Bear

Tame Ïmpala


Öwl City

Panda Bëar

Änimal Cöllëctive


The Möuntain Göats


Dïë Völfpärädënstëïnrÿchë


ec said...

The Angry Beavers? Nope, that's a kids show.

The best kids show, BTW.