Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Working Stiffed

I've mentioned this here a couple of times before, but I don't read right-wing pieces, listen to Rush Limbaugh's show, or watch Fox News just looking for something to piss me off. I have a life to lead and enough daily irritations that I can't imagine being lunatic enough to want to willfully pile more on my plate.

That said, a bitter and silly flame war is raging on Twitter right now between the usual suspects on each extreme of the political spectrum and somebody on the conservative side linked to an article in the Daily Caller that "tells it like it is."

The piece is such a staggering display of shameless Randian dickishness that it almost reads like a parody.

The Daily Caller: The Truth About the Wisconsin Protesters/2.28.11

This goes really well with that earlier clip from last night's Daily Show; the ability these guys have to blame the victim and keep a straight face while doing it just boggles the mind. When the political climate has made it okay to beat up on teachers, you know we're way down the rabbit hole.


Colonel Yelgen P. Masters said...

A CEO, a tea party member, and a union member are sitting at a table. In the middle of the table is a plate with a dozen cookies. The CEO reaches over, takes 11 cookies, looks at the tea partier and says, "Look out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie."

J. Dack said...

There is so much Fail in that guy's article I don't even know where to begin.

Mart said...

I am so old I remember when policemen and firemen were heroes and teachers were the future. After a thirty year war against the middle class private sector - 401K vs defined benefit, health care trashed, free trade, pay freezes, mass layoffs, union busting, etc; they now turn those folks against the public sector that has already taken many of the same hits. This after cashing out on trillions of taxpayer bailout money gifted to un-prosecuted criminals who are still building pyramids awaiting collapse.

I would not dismiss the media so completely if they would mention other ways to handle the budget "crisis" other than destroying the middle class. What about returning to pre-St. Ronnie tax rates for the top 2%? Or control health care cost at the same level as the rest of the industrialized world? Either of these solves the problem. When do they mention we spend as much on defense as the rest of the world combined?

Glad to see the little people push back on these millionaire and billionaire bullies. (May have cross posted rants - sorry if I did so.)

Steven D Skelton said...

What a generalizing dick that guy is.

This essay is a perfect example of what is wrong with our political discourse.

It's no longer possible for reasonable people to disagree. Left/Right/libertarian/authoritarian...it doesn't seem to matter.

Nowadays, the status quo has become "all that disagree with me at best blithering idiots parroting talking points, but more than likely they are degenerate fuckheads out to ruin the country."

Quite obviously, I'm with the governor on this stand off. But that doesn't mean the union people and the Democrats secretly drown kittens.

This guy should go fuck himself.

Mart said...

They win when we argue over who has less within-class, as it takes reporting away from other WI, OH, NJ "R(ich)" objectives/scary facts. De-certifying the public unions will eliminate the last vestige of Democratic fund raising and boots on the ground. These are states Obama needs for a win. The current Gov. in OH was a bankster selling toxic loans as "AAA" investments to the very same state pension funds that went into "crisis" when the banks pyramid scheme blew up. Bank losses = taxpayer bail out. State pension fund losses = damn teachers make too much.

The WI bill has a provision for Walker to sell off the states assets with no bid contracts - isn't that openly admitting to crony capitalism? First thing in office, Walker starts fiscal "crisis" by gifting corporations $150M in tax breaks. Unions agreed to all Walker $$ reductions, but Walker will not accept unless agree to bust union. We also forget what an arrogant ass and crony capitalist Walker was on the taped "Koch" phone call. The depth of this power grab scares me. Ironically, it may get "Citizens United".

C.L.J. said...

Holy crap! I was the third person to post that joke about the cookies; Andy Leviss came up with it, and Jeffery Salzberg put it on Facebook. This is the second blog I've seen it on. Dang! I can't believe how fast it propagated!

Just Teach said...

Thanks for some truth Mart. All we want, (yes I'm a public school teacher from Wisconsin)is our collective bargaining rights. We've agreed to compromise, pay a greater share of our insurance, and our retirement, out of wages. (Never mind the fact that these two things were negotiated over time in lieu of actual cash money.) Walker is a megalomaniac to put it bluntly. He has never allowed any discussion and never even asked for concessions, he simply went for the public workers throats. Today's budget asks for even more! He wants to cut between $250 and $500 per student in state aid, doesn't seems like much but in my district it will run $1 mill. To put it bluntly 20 - 40 teachers and staff. The only hope we have is that the Democratic Senators can keep holding out, but they're under threat of recall at this point. There are some legal wranglings over labor rights, but Walker has never let the law stand in his way before.

Please help keep the pressure up! Post more articles like this and get the word out. If Wisconsin falls this will spread like wildfire.

Ikalvan2003 said...

I'm going to make a series of statements If any of the are false then my argument is not valid.

The economy is growing.
Unemployment has also grown.
Fewer people are receiving more money.
Wages for the poor and middle class have remained stagnant. ( this is the weakest potentially but still true)
The wealthy have received all of the gains in the economy.

Anonymous said...

The real working stiffed are those who are getting squeezed by the greedy bastards in unions and the filthy rich. People used to feel differently about unions - but that was before police officers started retiring at full salary at age 55. You can make fun of a meager $55,000 but it's a lot of money for doing nothing - for most people it's a good annual salary. Those who are so fortunate that they think it's chump change can just flip some of that chump change over my way, or to my son or any of his unemployed friends . . .

Anonymous said...

when people were making money hand over fist collective bargining was fine, the state are going broke, the can not provide all the retirment benifits it once did, that will also mean no money for the democratic party, they will not be able to set on ballots and say later oh by the way if found this box of ballots in my car I forgot about, this economy has changed our lives and we need to change with it.

Tuba Terry said...

Greedy unions?

We're all greedy. The unions are just the only working- and middle-class groups with enough power to get what they want. We're only calling them greedy because they got what we want.

Tuba Terry said...

And if you're worried about retirement benefits, military members can retire with full health benefits and a majority of their salary at 38, all at your expense. Then there's also the GI bill benefits - I spent 4 years in service and I'm entitled to $60k more or less at your expense.

So, yeah, on top of the war costs that outstrip union benefits by orders of magnitude, thanks for paying for my education too.

Tuba Terry said...

"when people were making money hand over fist collective bargining was fine,"

but now that we're in hard times, the people in charge need to be able to throw us under the bus.