Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Uygur the Horrible

I'll make this quick.

There's an old SCTV sketch that features Eugene Levy's dead-on impression of perenially irritating Today show movie critic Gene Shalit doing a commercial for Bayer aspirin. In the ad, "Shalit" shouts directly into the camera about how taking a couple of Bayer not only gets rid of the pain of a headache, it goes right to the source to eliminate what's causing the headache itself. Shalit then pops two aspirin and, as you might expect, suddenly vanishes in a puff of smoke.

I think of this sketch every time I make the mistake of watching Cenk Uygur on MSNBC.

While I may agree with Uygur on a few issues and I'm sure he's a decent enough guy, his on-air histrionics -- that bombastic delivery combined with his marble-mouthed inability to avoid violently abusing the English language -- turn my spine to glass and strip every nerve in my skull raw. I listen to him for a while and I honestly feel like I've had the shit kicked out of me in a prison yard somewhere. I get that Uygur is very proud of the fact that his Young Turks newscast is the most popular thing on YouTube that doesn't feature a small Asian girl covering Lady GaGa, but on a network like MSNBC his public access act looks positively ridiculous and amateurish. He kind of pompously says he wants Fox News to fear him -- or what, he'll meet O'Reilly in an alley behind a bar and roshambo him?

I don't need my left-leaning commentators to be overly cerebral dullards who function as human Ambien, but for God's sake leave the pummel-the-audience shtick to the dingbats on the right.

And if you can't do that, at least give me a couple of aspirin.


Riles said...

He's alright. I prefer him to Ed Schultz' bombast, that's for sure. I gotta say though, I laugh when he does his "Come On" shtick, mainly because of this: http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104359/i-mean-come-on

Susan said...

Welcome to my world Chez.

It's no secret that I'm a libertarian...and I have to tell you that some of the worlds biggest blowhard morons are libertarian.

But where Cenk really fails to me (I have to admit that 99% of my exposure to cenk is written. Like you, I have a low tolerance for his snuff film quality broadcast) is he's just yet another political commentator that can't see an ounce of truth or reason in what anyone on the "other side" says.

Mart said...

Agree Riles. With Ed on the satellite, I will go in the kitchen to make lunch, and when I come back to my home office, I instinctively think it is Rush blathering, not Ed. I agree with most all of Ed's points (although he & staff does very little homework), but the delivery - can't progressives get any newsertainers?

The Bacon said...

Oops...I guess my wife was signed in to google when I commented. I was the author of Susan's comments.

Tweedster said...

@The Bacon, since 99% of your exposure is to Cenk's blogging, you're catching probably 10% of Cenk's (snuff film style? Seriously, what the fuck?) commentary/analysis and probably have about 0% grasp of who Cenk considers "the other."

Chez, since you clearly don't know much at all about Cenk's stand on the issues and obviously don't listen to the Young Turks (if only to protect your sensibilities about what constitutes a good commentator), I guess it's easy to confuse pomposity with being tongue-in-cheek. Cenk makes fun of himself a lot more effectively than you do. Take your aspirin and whine about something else.

Chez said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by, Cenk. Appreciate that.