Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Two Men

You know, last night Votar and I were laughing over the fact that during Charlie Sheen's epically winning interview with Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper teased that coming up he'd have an interview with a wildly unhinged and delusionally narcissistic despot that you just had to see to believe.

Votar's comment: "Aren't we watching that now?"

It wasn't much of a stretch for us to make that comparison -- and now the Guardian has put together a little quiz to see how well you know your messianic lunatics.

The Guardian UK: Charlie Sheen v. Muammar Gaddafi: Whose Line Is It Anyway?/3.1.11

If nothing else, these two can bond over the fact that they'd both like to see Haim Levine dead.


drater said...

Dang, I got 4 out of 10, worse than just randomly guessing. I think they should trade places, Sheen would make an awesome mad besieged dictator, and there's a serious shortage of Arab despots on prime time TV.

kanye said...

Stars are falling down
Onto this broken-hearted hungry clown
Because he cannot get his fill.

How's that for an obtuse reference?

Jester said...

The best thing about that Piers Morgan interview was Piers apparently agreeing that CS should be able to do whatever he likes off-camera as long as he does his job.

Bet someone checked Piers Morgan's contract this morning for some details in that regard, just in case. ;-)