Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This Is Not America

Stewart hits it out of the park almost nightly, but this one goes clear to the next town over.

Behold, these unbelievable assholes.

(Adding: Below is something almost as brilliant -- a well-earned shot at the increasing feckless absurdity of CNN's daytime lineup.)


Anonymous said...

Nice that Republicans continue to use that old "job creator" line given that the tax cuts they are defending didn't seem to create anything but a wider gap between the haves and the nots.

pcBobby said...

My newstream is running slow due to my enlarged prostate which is almost as big as Charlie Sheen's ego.

Steven D Skelton said...

Even FDR opposed public employees unions.

I have family members that work for the government. It is undoubtedly a cushy job if there ever was one.

They make wages far beyond what they could get in the private sector. Barring going Charlie Sheen, there is absolutely nothing they can do to get fired. The teachers get summers off. My sister (SSA) seems to get about 10 weeks vacation each year.

The only people I know who did not share in the pain of the last recession are my family and friends that work for the government, and the fact that there are rich ass holes in the world doesn't change that.


When the UAW and Ford sit down to work out a contract, both sides try to get the best deal they can get....but with the understanding that they both have an interest in the success of Ford.

It isn't that way with a public employees union. The union gets as much as it can, but the politicians have no incentive whatsoever to get the best deal for the taxpayers. Hell, the better deal they give the unions, the more union money will flow back into their election coffers.

The union wins, the politicians win and the taxpayers take it in the ass.

I may be wrong, but that's how I see it.

Dr. Squid said...

I may be wrong,

You're not only wrong, you're a prick for resenting people in your own family in order to serve conservative talking points. When conservatism is more important than your own family, they're not fucked up. You are.

Is there anything more anti-family and anti-American than movement conservattism?

Kristyne said...

Hey Steven,

My husband works for the government. We haven't seen a raise in four years, and he's making $20K less than his last job in the private sector. We've had increasing furlough days that add up to a two week salary loss. We're paying several hundred per month more than when he started for health care. Wall Street decimated our 401K, and we lost $100K of equity in a $300K home thanks again to those hedge fund shitheads. We aren't swimming in the lap of luxury.

Can I mention that my husband delivers training to medics, training that has resulted in our community having the #1 cardiac resuscitation rate in the country? He also volunteers for search and rescue. Paid for his own EMT certification and survival gear. He gives up pretty much every weekend to go rescue some lost snowboarder or hiker, often camping out in the snow. He'll work heartbreaking days looking for someone's missing child, and have to come home in tears because they've found a body. Every member of that SAR team is a union cop, union public health worker, union nurse, union firefighter, working for free to help their community. Shit, because of cuts to police, his SAR team is called to comb crime scenes.

I'll say straight up I doubt you know as many government workers with cushy jobs. But then again, the inept work in every field, don't they. From the worst drive through burger flipper to the upper posh offices in corporate america, there are lazy assholes everywhere. People game the system everywhere.

You've fallen right into the trap Stewart laid out above, and you have yet to notice the irony dripping off your face.

VOTAR said...

This morning as I got ready for work with CNN on the tv they had a "trafficam" shot from somewhere, with the unmistakable lyrics of a certain C-lo Green song playing along. The bug in the corner said "Now Playing: Forget You." As if CNN is now an iPhone app or something.
At some point recently CNN must have turned over it's news department to a 12 year old.

Steven D Skelton said...

Dr. Squid

Just to clear up a couple of things.

1. I don't resent anyone of my family or friends. I say bully for them.

2. I don't parrot anyone's talking points. I read. I think. I make up my own mind.

Furthermore, you don't know me. You don't know my family. You don't know my priorities.

I, however, can see very clearly that your the kind of ass hole that seems to think it's okay to make judgments about people you don't shit about. Go fuck yourself.

Steven D Skelton said...


We are all very grateful for people like your husband. It sounds like he does great work and you are very proud of him. I think that's wonderful.

You can doubt all you like, but I assure you I have three family members that work for the government plus one friend and a couple of acquaintances.

Furthermore, I wouldn't describe any of them as inept. They are all fine people who do fine work. Hell, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law teach in an inner city school district and their kids actually learn.

However, none of them could take their skill set into the private sector right now and earn nearly what they do in salary and benefits.

Once again, I'm not attacking anyone..and certainly not your husband.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea that I'm supposed to be outraged by the fact that some government worker somewhere might actually be paid a living wage and receive decent vacation time.

Instead of asking why government workers are supposedly doing so good, may I ask why private sector employees are treated so shittily?

(And yes, supposedly. I have a schoolteacher friend who, as far as I know, is not currently living in stately Xanadu.)

kanye said...


Public sector workers, on average, make 4% less than their private sector counterparts. This despite the fact that public sector workers tend to be both better formally educated and more experienced than their private sector counterparts.

You really want to see the shit hit the fan? You think that it's hard for people to get a job now? Wait until there's a mass exodus of better credentialed public sector workers into the private sector.

And you couldn't be more wrong about the only people who didn't feel "the pain" of the last recession (as if it actually ended, or for that matter, is merely a recession). The only people who didn't feel that pain were the top 1% of all income earners in this country; indeed, they thrived.

Your thinking on this is completely backwards, Steven. Instead of asking why these people haven't had to sacrifice (they have), the question you should be asking is, "Why have these workers been able to maintain their salaries, in relation to their worth, when the rest of the country hasn't?"

This is idea that "I got shit on, so should the other guy," is nothing more than "Keeping Up With the Joneses" in reverse.

btw--FDR was never union-friendly. If you'd like, I can lay out the history for you of how, in 1944, FDR delivered the strategic cut which ultimately led to the destruction of unions in this country.

Dr. Squid said...


Yeah, write something that reads exactly from a complaint from the right-wing Randroid talking point notebook, and hide behind the "You don't know me" card when you get called on it.

Fuck off, you fucking pig. No I don't know you, but I do know your words, and they indicate that you're a piece of crap who resents that anyone else might have anything. I apologize to your family for having to live with such a fucking failure of a human being.

Heather said...

I will say that as a teacher I didn't get paid $75k a year (try less than 30k), my benefits were shit, and I was never done by 2 or 3pm. I stayed at work till 5:30 grading papers or working on lessons, and still had at least 3 hours more of that to do when I got home. Did we get summers off? Yes, technically we did, but that is generally necessary to go to seminars and accreditation workshops to make us more proficient teachers, take certification tests, etc. It isn't like teachers are all jetting off for 3 months in the Bahamas. Also, that time off away from a school and from the 6 or 7 classes you teach daily, each one filled with 40+ kids -- most of who don't want to do a damned thing resembling class work -- is necessary so that the teacher doesn't start strangling kids. They need a mental break from all of that crap. So go ahead, cut them, watch the profession start hemorrhaging even more qualified workers while you bitch about the quality of the education your little snowflake is getting and how he or she has to sit in such a crowded class. These people obviously fail to see the big picture, or don't care because their kids are all in exclusive private schools or boarding schools. Let those "other people" have a public education...they don't need a good education anyway. The world needs ditch diggers, right? Assholes.

CNNfan said...

With only one votar against CNN on this whole thread, they must be doing something right. The other night at the bar, I asked the bartender to put CNN on, and Don Lemon was playing viral web videos.

The entire bar was laughing out loud, including the bartenders, and they were all talking about CNN. Reminded me of the old days of Crossfire.

Say, if that silly idea promotes ratings, then maybe it is not so silly. One of CNN's greatest strengths has always been its sense of humor.

L. said...

Let's not act like teachers are walking around in top hats and tails looking like the Monopoly man. I don't understand how people that are arguing against returning to previous levels for taxes on the wealthiest 2% of Americans because $200k a year doesn't make someone wealthy are turning around and acting like $50k makes these people super rich.

I went to school for 12 years (13 if kindergarten counts) in a public school district that served a few middle class neighborhoods and a lot of economically depressed ones. I had a few shitty teachers and a lot of excellent ones. The vast majority of them deserved every penny they got. It's thanks to them that I got an excellent education and was able to get into every college to which I applied.

At least in my school(s), the teachers were expected to do more than stand in front of a classroom and lecture. They were expected to also be policemen and regularly had to break up fights. One of my favorite teachers once got sued for pushing away the arm of a kid who was using a cast to hit him over the head repeatedly when the teacher tried to stop him from bashing another kid in the face with the cast.

Then there's the hours of grading papers, writing lesson plans and continuing education. Just because you didn't see them doing it, didn't mean it didn't happen.

Frankly, you couldn't pay me four times what a teacher makes to deal with kids and be blamed by parents who don't spend enough time working with them for the fact that their children are not getting a decent education. I'd go apeshit and throttle someone within a week.

Ref said...

Steven, nice back-pedal there fuckwit. I refuse to listen to anyone who complains about the economy and doesn't start by demanding an end to the Bush tax cuts. We have plenty of wealth in this country. Our only problem is teabagger asswipes like you who are so willing to suck off the Koch brothers and attack your fellow workers instead of demanding some kind of tax equity.