Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thief Executive

Last weekend I attended an event here in Florida hosted by Crimestoppers of Broward County. We're talking an entire room full of law enforcement officials and supporters. In Broward Freaking County. On a massive ranch.

I bring this up only because while I was there, I was asked to sign a petition essentially telling new Florida governor and possible alien overlord Rick Scott to keep his big, spindly hands off funding for Crimestoppers and the police departments and organizations it works with. In fact, at one point, a speaker at the event implored the folks in the crowd to raise their voices so that they could be heard "all the way to Tallahassee."

My point is this: When you've lost a bunch of pick-up-driving South Florida cops who hold their annual gala at a place normally reserved for rodeos, you've lost everyone.

Yeah, guys like Scott Walker and John Kasich may be getting most of the press these days, but make no mistake -- when it comes to outright criminal behavior, Rick Scott makes them look like amateurs. He has from the very beginning.

The Huffington Post: Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter/3.30.11

(By the way, feel free to print out the picture above and use it to ensure that your children never misbehave again.)

(Adding: Alright, the Batboy comparison is goddamned brilliant. I'm jealous of those who noticed it when it completely escaped me.)


Anonymous said...

This guy makes me miss Jeb Bush. Seroiusly. Jeb Fucking Bush. God, what a douche. On the plus side I think he's making it easier for Obama to win this state the next time around.


kanye said...

Holy's Bat Boy!

Optimus Prime said...

Bat Boy has grown up and is now governor of Florida!

CNNfan said...

It is hard to imagine 20% of the houses in Florida are vacant, but according to the Census Bureau, they actually are.

If you stand in the middle of the street in the sunshine state, for every five houses you count, one of them is empty. Good luck escaping crushing economics like that, even if you are the Police.

Anonymous said...

I always thought he looked like Voldemort from Harry Poter

Randy said...

no ... the creepy guy from poltergeist three :)