Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Sacrilege

(via Christian Nightmares)


Anonymous said...

Woke up, turned on CNN to check on Japan's radiation level and whats on? Howard Kurtz giving James O'Keefe a reach around? Did anyone else see the pained look on Kurtz's face and apologetic tone when he brought up the dildo boat? Helpfully, he explained that he had to bring it up because it was CNN involved. Of course, he didn't follow up at all to O'Keefe's weak excuse for that. And, also, of course, Kurtz continues to spread the nonsense that O'Keefe was actually dressed in that stupid pimp costume when he walked into the ACORN offices.

It might also be nice if someone would ask O'Keefe if he thinks ACORN didn't provide any needed services to the poor.

Chez said...

Yeah, I didn't watch -- mostly because Howie Kurtz makes my ears bleed -- but I know he was gonna interview O'Keefe. Between that and HuffPo's decision to allow Breitbart to post a piece basically perpetuating the myth that O'Keefe is anything more than a con man -- Jesus, I can't help but laugh at how gleefully accommodating mainstream journalism is of those who purport to loathe it.

Anonymous said...

And it was all the more surreal, for reasons I didn't see explained, O'Keefe was interviewed via Skype. It looked like he was in a bunker somewhere. Though he did have his big boy journalist suspenders on.

Clearly Kurtz didn't want to offend this precious get, lest he not have access to the creep after the next misleadingly edited, unethically executed big sting against the La Leche League or something.

Mart said...

Surprise, surprise, the O'Keefe NPR "sting" was likely edited out of context. Have they ever played it straight?

What drives me nuts about the MSM treating Brietbart's gang as journalists equivalent to the gonzo's on the left(like the Walker/"Koch" tape) is they never discuss context. The left (usually) does not edit out the part of the tape that puts the whole thing in context, or edit the message to the one they preconceived or want portrayed. That makes them propagandists, not journalists.

Also, too, that video knocked me out. (Sorry.)

Narbe said...

So I take it the blankets are for the "healed" to be nice and cozy in their trance?