Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quote of the Day

"'To understand this enigma, we must discard the naïve notion that free-market prices reflect what consumers are willing to pay,' Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz said. 'Otherwise, how else are we to rationalize the phenomenon of a human being willingly spending 84 bucks on 18 green apple wedges and a Mylar balloon?' ... 'It's mind-boggling... I honestly have never even heard the name Edible Arrangements mentioned in conversation before. Seriously, has anyone?'"

-- From the Onion article, "Continued Existence Of Edible Arrangements Disproves Central Tenets Of Capitalism"


Doc said...

The *only* time I've seen something from edible arrangements was 2 yrs ago at the groundbreaking ceremony for the newest building (Building 24) on the CDC campus in Atlanta.

Must be a big corporate kinda thing cause I couldn't imagine getting one of those for anyone as a personal gift.

Alex said...

A co-worker of mine just received one from a recent ex while at work. Needless to say she was not impressed.

Anonymous said...

There's one right next to my second favorite burrito place in town. Hence my awareness of its existence.

Until, now, however, I'd never even seen/heard the place mentioned and I've often wondered why it exists.

Krissy said...

For some reason, these are popular gifts in the veterinary world. I can't tell you how many of these arrangements have arrived at our vet hospital courtesy of a happy client whose pet has been healed by one of our surgeons or oncologists. Maybe that's all they can afford after paying their outrageous vet bill.