Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Being a lawyer must be nice because you can meet up with everyone you’re working with and all agree to not do your job. Like the DA is supposed to prosecute people they were told committed a crime, and a judge is supposed to preside over the trial, but they can all huddle up and say fuck that. They can say, 'that shit is gonna take forever, and it sounds hard, so let’s not do it.' And then the other person says, 'oh my god, I know right, did you see all the papers and stuff for this, there’s like a million files.' And then they all nod and don’t do it, and we all just sort of take it. It would be like going to a doctor for heart surgery and then scheduling the heart surgery and then when you got there instead he just gave you some jumper cables."

-- Brendon at What Would Tyler Durden Do? on the deal Mel Gibson struck with the Los Angeles DA's office that allows him to avoid jail time


Marsupialus said...

Hell, hasn't it always been apparent that there are two systems of justice at work in the country? Rich and/or famous, one thing happens to you (or doesn't). Everyone else, go to jail.

Marsupialus said...

And the worst thing I just make this statement like, so what? That's how numb I am to it.

NoxiousNan said...

If that were true, they'd get together to not do their jobs more unilaterally than they do. It's kickbacks and celebrity worship that get the DA to not do their jobs.

Le Penseur said...

I heard angry voice-mails but I never saw or heard of any hospital visits to back-up the claim that Mel beat up Oksana. She got a restraining order but there are no pictures showing her all Rihanna'd up. Without such corroborating evidence they may have found it hard to make a weightier charge stick. Whatever happened, all we have proof of is that he is a really bad breaker-upper and that he really gets off on getting blown.

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