Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Let the word go forth that today, March 8, 2011, is the day America was forced to face up to the fact that some NPR executives are liberal elitists."

-- Gawker's John Cook, letting the air out of serial bullshit artist James O'Keefe's latest secretly videotaped "bombshell"


Anonymous said...

Has NPR learned nothing from Charlie Sheen? Double-down. Reload, don't retreat. They get conned by a known con artist and they act contrite? Attack back you idiots! The guy should be in jail and your guy didn't say anything that's not true. Own it. Take a page from the Jr High PR team at Fox.

kanye said...

Fuck NPR! I'm still pissed that they took HEAT w/John Hockenberry off the air.

Eric said...

I am appalled, appalled I say, that Ron Schiller dared to call Tea Partiers a bunch of racists and xenophobes. Most of them are, of course, but we're not supposed to say that because even racists and xenophobes have feelings and are entitled to be treated more nicely than than they treat anyone they don't like, because that's America and the First Amendment and the Declaration of Independence and the flag and stuff.

I think NPR should refuse to accept Schiller's previous resignation so they can fire him and the Republicans in Congress should allocate a billion dollars to the Corporation For Public Broadcasting so they can slash all of NPR's funding for this egregious behavior by one of their soon-to-be-former employees who had the unmitigated gall to state the obvious to a guy who was pretending to be a Muslim for completely non-bigoted reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with some conservatives' belief that NPR is un-American and Muslims are un-American and therefore a Muslim with five million dollars would be really appealing to NPR. And I think we should recognize that James O'Keefe is a great American patriot like G. Gordon Liddy, Howard Hunt, H.R. Haldeman, John Mitchell, Charles Colson, Oliver North, Caspar Weinberger, Michael Deaver, Elliott Abrams and many others who have shown their dedication to our great nation by appearing in the records of our oft-overlooked third branch of government, the Judicial branch, which is at least as important as the Executive and Legislative arms of our Republic.

Anonymous said...

{gasp}{clutch liberal elitist pearls}