Friday, March 18, 2011

Powerful Voice

I decided to go to the University of Miami for all the wrong reasons.

I wanted to be a DJ at WVUM.

That was pretty much the long and the short of it.

Growing up in Miami, VUM, "The Voice," was a hidden gem at the ass-end of the dial -- a station that always sounded like it was being run by a hamster on a wheel but which consistently cranked out excellent music, brought to you by DJs who were either on the cutting edge of cool or who may have been in the nodding-off stages of their bong high. Either way, it was exciting stuff for a kid in high school, and I wanted to be a part of it. So when I got to UM, the first thing I did was throw my hat into the ring of DJ wanna-bes.

I got a regular show. Then I got a specialty show, where the rules were slightly relaxed. Then I became WVUM's most mischievous and occasionally insufferable problem child. And it was good.

As the years went by, WVUM got a power increase, a bigger studio, and started actually giving a shit about what their DJs sounded like on-air -- and this is the result: the station was just awarded the coveted MTV Woodie (whatever the hell that is) for Best College Radio Station in America.

I'll always have a very special place in my heart for WVUM, the place that launched my broadcasting career and whose all-student staff inexplicably laughed along with me while I and my tiny crew systematically tore the place apart from the inside out.

So congrats, WVUM -- and all hail the new kids.

Guess this means I don't have to return all the records I stole.


VOTAR said...

You and I would not even know each other if it were not for that little crap radio station.

Just think, if I hadn't gone there with Ken that day so he could steal some more vinyl, you'd probably be Dean of the Communications School by now and I'd have wound up as mayor of Tampa or something.

Imagine all the things that would be different had we not done that show: the roadtrips & adventures, stripclubs, concerts, career upheavals, parties, drugs, and friends -- alive and no longer alive.

Good times.

George said...

Indeed Chez, those were good times!

I remember when we went from 100 watts to 365...that was one watt for every day of the year!!! We felt we were on top of the world. The power increase was "everything" that year.

It's also where I met some great life long friends.

Congrats VUM'ers!

Giovanna said...

This is my favorite commentary related to the Woodie win. I also grew up in Miami listening to WVUM and so far it's the only thing I can really say I love about UM.

We're really glad our alumni are proud of this recognition! Makes me smile.

Not sure if we give a shit about how our DJs sound on air though.

- Giovanna
Current DJ / Promotions Director

Chez said...

So you're a college girl and you've got a beautiful name like Giovanna. How creepy would it be if I hit on you? Forget it, don't answer that. Good to know that after all these years not too much has changed at WVUM. And even less has changed about me.

Chez said...

Oh, and since you're promotions director... can I get a pair of Ultra tickets? : D

Promotions said...

Wow you just asked all the questions I always get asked... I guess nothing has changed!

Anyway, keep in touch with our Alumni loop if you want!

Chez said...

You always get asked if it would be creepy if someone hit on you? God, I'm seriously nowhere near the charming bastard I used to be.