Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pools Party

For quite some time now I've raved about Tommy Walter's bloody brilliant band, Abandoned Pools. They're one of those under-the-radar groups I've been a fan of for several years and whom I wish more people would pick up on.

Well, I feel like a really lousy hardcore fan because even though I've prided myself on trying to keep up with Tommy on Twitter and check every once in a while for new material from the band, I completely missed that after a long absence Abandoned Pools did finally release a new single -- about nine months ago.

Regardless of my unfortunate oversight, take a listen, "like" them on Facebook (where you can download the single for free) and show a little love for a good guy making good music.

Here's new Abandoned Pools -- Legionnaire.


kanye said...

First the metric chart, now "bloody brilliant". For the love of God, man, stop slobbering all over your new boss' Union Jack before you get labeled "The Madonna of Blogging". :)

Riles said...

I dig it.

By the way, the ads are providing a whole new entertaining aspect to DXM. First was Goldline (eesh), and then a link from Google Ads for sexual predator therapy. Can't wait to see what's next. I'm thinking Fleshlight or one of those Obama Birther ads from Drudge.

Lisa said...

I really wish you would just do a separate music blog so I can keep better track of this stuff.

Excellent band; will listen to more of them fer shure. Isn't there some sort of connection w/them and The Eels?