Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture of the Week (Honorary Mention)

As Oliver Willis beautifully put it, these things are a lot funnier once you stop pretending that Fox News is an actual news network.

Apparently while supposedly running down all the nuclear reactors in Japan, Neil Cavuto popped up the above map. One name stands out: Shibuyaeggman. Turns out there is no reactor called that and no specific city or town called that either. There is, however, an "Eggman" nightclub in the Shibuya section of Tokyo.

So a Japanese nuclear reactor is located right below the "@ Super Suits Store." And Jonny Hi-Fi played it back in '06.

Here now, the Beastie Boys doing Eggman. Because as you know, suckers they come a dime a dozen.

(via Media Matters)


JQ said...

It's a moot point considering the absurdity you've already pointed out, but you'll also note that Sendai, shown here as in the south of Kyushu, is actually about 1500km to the North-East. A fairly egregious error considering the amount of coverage we've seen showing Sendai's location. Did anyone at Fox try typing "Sendai Japan" into Google maps?

kanye said...

So now we've got four reactors on the verge of meltdown, with sea water being furiously pumped in and out in a last ditch effort to keep these things from going China Syndrome. Gee, what could go wrong?

Blue Oyster Cult song, anyone?

Mr. Badmonkey said...

JQ, though it pains me to come to the defence of Fox News on any front, their identification of the Sendai Nuclear Power Plant in Kyushu is correct. Sendai (川内) in Kagoshima Prefecture is home to a nuclear power plant; Sendai (仙台) in Miyagi Prefecture in the northeast is not.