Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Picture of the Week (Honorary Gilbert Gottfried Edition)


Thomas B said...

My wife thinks I'm sick after expressing a desire to sully her Hello Kitty doll, take it down to the beach, and photograph it washed up in the surf. Go figure. I can't beat this, though.

Mart said...

Gilbert - his humor never worked for me, but he never should have been fired for his mildly tasteless joles. (Kudlow was summarily dismissed today, right?) That cover though is a keeper. It must hurt when you work all day laying out your paper's cover, and everyone sees the forest in the trees but you.

Anonymous said...

what am I missing? seriously I don't get it.

denesteak said...

This is amazing. I laughed out loud, and then felt bad about it. But now I'm giggling like a Japanese school girl who's just found a special edition Hello Kitty floating by.

GAHHHH stop it.

Argggghhh.. said...

Obama's indecision on Libya has pushed Clinton over the edge


Fed up with a president “who can’t make his mind up” as Libyan rebels are on the brink of defeat, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking to the exits.

At the tail end of her mission to bolster the Libyan opposition, which has suffered days of losses to Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s forces, Clinton announced that she’s done with Obama after
2012 — even if he wins again.

“Obviously, she’s not happy with dealing with a president who can’t decide if today is Tuesday or Wednesday, who can’t make his mind up,” a Clinton insider told The Daily. “She’s exhausted, tired.”
He went on, “If you take a look at what’s on her plate as compared with what’s on the plates of previous Secretary of States — there’s more going on now at this particular moment, and it’s like playing sports with a bunch of amateurs. And she doesn’t have any power. She’s trying to do what she can to keep things from imploding.”
Clinton is said to be especially peeved with the president’s waffling over how to encourage the kinds of Arab uprisings that have recently toppled regimes in Egypt and Tunisia, and in particular his refusal to back a no-fly zone over Libya.

In the past week, former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s former top adviser Anne-
Marie Slaughter lashed out at Obama for the same reason.

The tension has even spilled over into her dealings with European diplomats, with whom she met early this week.

When French president Nicolas Sarkozy urged her to press the White House to
take more aggressive action in Libya, Clinton repeatedly replied only, “There are difficulties,” according to Foreign Policy magazine.

“Frankly we are just completely puzzled,” one of the diplomats told Foreign
Policy magazine. “We are wondering if this is a priority for the United States.”

Or as the insider described Obama’s foreign policy shop: “It’s amateur night.”

Clinton revealed her desire to leave yesterday in an interview with CNN’s
Wolf Blitzer, responding four times to his questions about whether she would
accept a post during a potential second Obama administration with a single word: “No.”

Philippe Reines, an adviser and spokesman for Clinton, downplayed thesignificance of the interview, saying, “He asked, she answered. Really that simple. [It] wasn’t a declaration.”

But her blunt string of four “no’s” followed a period of intense frustration for the secretary,
according to the insider, who told The Daily that Clinton has grown weary of fighting an uphill battle in the administration.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm saying this; but James Carville was right. Christ, she would have been so much better of a President....

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s revelation that she won’t be staying on if there is a second Obama term may have been news to those who don’t know her, but did not surprise her friends, who say she’s spending an increasing amount of time considering her post-government options even as challenges mount at Foggy Bottom.

Clinton has made similar “I’m not here forever” comments before – but it was the timing of her remarks to CNN on Wednesday that raised eyebrows, coming at a critical moment in her fierce internal battle to push President Barack Obama to join the fight to liberate Libya from Muammar Qadhafi.

Clinton’s position was vindicated early Thursday evening when the United Nations Security Council - at the urging of the United States - approved a resolution authorizing “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians, including a no-fly zone. U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice told reporters that such a move could involve direct attacks on pro-Qadhafi forces now bearing down on the rebel stronghold of Benghazi in eastern Libya.

Chez said...

You know, Anon, if it weren't for the fact that I can't imagine anyone bothering with this little site, I'd say that your comment reads suspiciously like the work of one of those paid shills that are all the rage these days.