Friday, March 04, 2011

Listening Post

The follow-up single -- here in the states, at least -- to the barn-burner of a debut from England's new folk heroes, Mumford and Sons.

This is The Cave.

Happy Friday, gang. You made it.


Narbe said...

They are really good. You ought to check out their Bookshop Sessions videos (also on YouTube), where they do live performances, which are excellent.

Kat said...

There are simply not enough overdone flowery phrases to describe my love for this album. Excellent choice for a Friday.

Max said...

Been loving this band long time, great stuff. Another band you might like Chez...Grafitti 6, and the song Annie you save me. It gets lodged in the brain pan.

Dan said...

This is my favorite song on that album. Thanks for introducing me to them earlier this year.