Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lady Antemeridian

I worked with Robin Meade twice during my career in TV news. The first time back in the early 90s at WSVN in Miami, where she was just starting out and, frankly, it showed; the next time during my stint at CNN in Atlanta, where she'd already established herself as the almost impossibly attractive and likable host of HLN's morning show. During the latter period, she and I hung out on occasion -- one particularly noteworthy time being a married couple double-date to Dad's Garage Theater where we all drank and laughed our way through a phony WWE-style "wrestling match" -- and I always enjoyed being around her. Why should be obvious: She really is as sweet and bubbly in person as she is on camera; you'd have to be communist not to fall in love with her at least a little, seeing as how she's the ultimate all-American girl.

Well, her star continues to rise at CNN, which is great because her show, Morning Express, is both entertaining and informative without being the least bit obnoxious, and that's a tough thing to come by these days. So now, after already penning a book, Robin has decided to turn her talents toward, well, singing. Singing country songs, specifically. As you might have guessed, I'm not at all a fan of what passes for country music these days, but in the Nashville pop vein -- and with some heavyweight production help and songwriting by Jim Brickman -- Robin Meade will be releasing her first single next week.

Is it any good? Well, decide for yourself. A sample of Welcome Home is below.

Regardless of whether it's something I'd ever spend a lot of time listening to, I wish Robin all the best -- because her success really is a case of a nice girl finishing first.


CNNfan said...

Robin is so sweet, that she sort of reminds me of an Axe Murderer. She can sing though, sort of like Pink, chopping a hole in the bathroom door with an axe while singing, "Please Don't Leave Me". Or maybe like Shania Twain singing, "Honey, I'm Home", which is what Jack Nicholson said in the movie: The Shining.

Just Joking Robin! My prediction is it will be a hit song.

denesteak said...

Wow, you are considerably nicer and more restrained to people you know/like.

Yea, that song is not good.

Lisa said...

She feels like a friend every morning in my house. Nothing contrived or fake about her she has the most infectious laugh. My celeb girl crush.

pcBobby said...

She's really good people. I hope she does well with the singing as well. She's pretty good.

Chez, when are you going to start a Web show, "Chez's Korner?"

Chez said...

You really want to look at me and listen to me as well as read my crap? You're a masochist.

kanye said...

Sorry, pcBobby, it'll never happen.

Nobody puts Chezzy in a korner!

CNNfan said...

No Chez...

You produce the show.
And hire a monkey to
be the on-air talent!

That was Humor. It takes teamwork to setup a web show. Let one of us be the on-air talent. I was interviewed on Tech TV, broadcast to, I don't know, 60 million homes. Right from my living room, with a bed sheet stapled to the ceiling as a backdrop. I used a cheap webcam and some $7 clip-on spot lights.

Laugh all you want, but it worked via the web, right into the "Call For Help with Leo Laporte" Tech TV Studios. In fact, Leo asked me if I was at work, as if I was using professional video conferencing equipment. We discussed Next@CNN, A.I. and computer programming. It was a lot of fun!

Every time you see Skype on CNN, remember this... I was the very first person from home to ever discuss CNN on TV via a webcam. Me, me, me... Me, CNNfan! So, some day, Jacki Schechner may need an asterisk next to her name in the CNN museum for being the first. I wrote a computer program for it, way in advance of Jacki, which is what got me invited by Leo to interview on episode 306 which aired in the US, Canada and Australia.

For that matter, why don't you ask Jacki to be our web show hostess? Jacki publishes some really good quality iMovie videos on her site, so you can see she really knows what's she's doing.

namron said...

To CNNfan:

Please make sure your CNN domanatrix cleans the poo-poo from your face and hands before posting to this site.

CNNfan said...

I'm thrilled to have a troll of my very own here, but how come your name spelled backwards is Noreen?

It's spelled pooh-pooh, Noreen, meaning to dismiss an idea. How can you say you pooh-pooh pcBobby's idea: "Chez's Korner?"

That's a good idea, isn't it?

namron said...

To CNNfan:

Poo-poo is ca-ca, of which you are full.

CNNfan said...


I see. You meant to pooh-pooh poo-poo.

Awesome!!!     I always wanted my very own troll.

Please make sure to watch CNN's global perspective and reach advantage in times of international breaking news before trolling to this site.