Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Geek Love

I hate to make it seem like "Chez's Favorite Things" around here -- especially since at the top of that list would be the thought of seeing Oprah hit by a semi hauling Häagen-Dazs cookies and cream -- but I wanted to give a little shout-out to a new niche website whose creation I think is kind of overdue. The Mary Sue is a newly minted part of the Mediaite family that caters to one particular demographic: nerd girls.

The site actually prides itself on embracing and fostering geek girl culture and, so far at least, it does it without pandering to any particular tired cliché. What's more, The Mary Sue features some really kick-ass writers -- including one of my favorite people-I've-never-actually-met, Jamie Frevele.

So, yeah, cool nerdy girls who can write; as I hinted at a little while ago on Twitter, it's gonna be like one constant hardcore crush for me.

Take a peek.

The Mary Sue


Alanna said...

Fuck yeah! and Jaime...if you are reading this? Let's grab a drink, girl.

L. said...

As a female software engineer with a love of video games and sci fi, it's cool to see this site because it probably won't post half-naked pictures of ladies constantly.

On most sites heaven forbid I want to read about stuff I like without seeing Olivia Munn's ass every 5 seconds. I'm not a prude or anything, but it makes it very awkward to be caught reading a site at work. 'I'm reading it for the articles, I swear!'

Anonymous said...

This hits on something of a pet peeve of mine so lets get one thing abundantly clear: That girl is not a nerd. That is a hipster dressed up in geek chic which they use as just a costume for fashion and dressing up. Those of us who have suffered for our nerdy hobbies and interests from an early age at the hands of our peer groups are usually particularly annoyed that people bestow this title on someone for simply wearing a pair of clunky glasses.

You don't get to use that word. That's our word.

motheralex said...

Dunno if I'm doing this right, but this lady is awesome, hopefully the link will work - She is co-leader of our guild, and frankly, totally cool.

Nicole said...

" nerdy girls who can write"

That used to be me. Damn, I'm out of practice.

Chez said...

THE Nicole?

Wow, long time. Good to hear from you. : )

Nicole said...

It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to be remembered. :)

Chez said...

Of course.