Monday, March 21, 2011

A Four Star Is Born

This is actually almost a decade old, but with the U.S. Military's 101st Retired General Pundit Brigade once again parachuting into cable stations across the country it's worth taking another look at.

The New Yorker: "Retired General George Washington" by Andy Borowitz/4.14.03


Stephen said...

“Father of our country?” Adams wrote to James Madison. “More like son of a bitch!”


Mart said...

Down thread I ranted about the operation in Libya and Obama's part in it. Today I heard McCain ranting about too little too late, let Iran learn a lesson and let's bring it to them and China also, too.

I just want to stress, thank God for Obama. He must be under incredible stress trying to convince all those psycho neo-con military experts to accept a war policy to the right of Rand Paul; and not just blow the roof off the place (cause that's a workable plan).

The GOP wants to cut a $200 million immunization program in the US. A program that is neutral or cash positive. I bet we dropped $500 million worth of freedom bombs the past couple days.

Not having better choices chills me, but Obama has my vote.

Ref said...

Nice comparison. The last few elections, I've meditated on those old fellows who pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, and MEANT it. I haven't found a politician in years (at least on the national level) who I think would have signed that document.