Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dead Air

If this doesn't act as a perfect little snapshot of just how ass-backward the right's priorities are at the moment, I'm not sure anything will.

Behold, what constitutes an "emergency" for the House Republicans.

The Los Angeles Times: House GOP Emergency Session Today To Vote on Defunding of NPR/3.15.11

It's just staggering what these assholes are doing across America these days to advance their lunatic agenda. But hey, taking money away from NPR -- that's important stuff that creates jobs, right?


Anonymous said...

These are the same guys who got the vapors over Obama filling out a bracket while Japan slides into apocalypse now, right?

God forbid they should actually hold emergency hearings to fact find on our aging nuke plants.

The contrast of the right's clown show against large parts of civilization suffering and in chaos is really almost too much to take right now.

The Bacon said...

I'm all for de-funding NPR (and not because of its political leanings, I just think its not an appropriate use of tax dollars.)

That said...

When I was a kid, my parents went out to dinner one night and gave me the number for the restaurant in case of emergency. I found out the hard way that my Atari malfunctioning was not an emergency.

Mart said...

Extending hundreds of billions in tax cuts to the rich and corporate, and not even trying to dent the budget deficit; just take nasty swipes at mostly hard working regular people. Do they really think their corporate masters have enough money to brainwash the masses into voting for these asswipes in another election cycle?