Monday, February 07, 2011

Swiss Miss

This is really staggering when you think about it. It'd be damn funny if it weren't so tragic.

Reuters: George W. Bush Cancels Switzerland Trip as Pressure Mounts for His Arrest/2.5.11

I've said before that Bush essentially admitted to war crimes. Here's the thing, though: It doesn't matter one bit what I think or how hotly the question is debated back and forth within the United States; the fact remains that to a lot of other countries, he's not much better than a Third World despot. Once again, the implications are staggering -- we have a former president who many around the globe consider a war criminal. And that former president is so concerned about it that he feels there are places he shouldn't travel to.

America, fuck yeah.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think our politicians need a wake-up call like having a former president jailed for war crimes. There needs to be some accountability for their actions, even if it ultimately has to come from another country.

CNNfan said...

Chez said,"It'd be damn funny if it weren't so tragic."

Did you know that: weren't
is plural, past tense of: aren't?
Let's singular go with: is not

Did you know that: It'd
is past tense of: It will?

Put it all together and we get:
It will be damn funny if it is not so tragic.

This is a joke based on a fake criticism.

Chez said...

Meds, Tom, meds.

Heather said...

I wish he wouldn't have traveled to the damned Super Bowl so that Fox wouldn't have shown his smirking face several times. Oh, Condi Rice was there too? Big surprise. The Swiss should've shown up right then. Two birds, one stone.

Izar Talon said...

You know what? I think this is AWESOME. Maybe it's just the fact that I'm in a really bad mood, or because I've had insomnia so bad lately, or because I've gotten so cynical about things like this lately, but I REALLY wanna see that smug bastard get what's coming to him. But even if all that ends up happening is that he's restricted in his traveling and can't go to Europe anymore because he's afraid he'll get arrested on war crimes charges, it's still almost worth it.

It's better than nothing, and more than I thought he'd ever get. There needs to be SOME kind of repercussion for his reprehensible actions, especially after he ADMITTED that he committed war crimes/authorized torture.

Little shits like him who think he can get away with anything, first because he was born a little rich kid, and later, because he was handed the presidency (because he was born a little rich kid) just drive me fucking NUTS.

He has the biggest sense of entitlement I have ever seen, bigger than I could ever have even imagined if he wasn't there in the flesh smirking at the cameras with that "yeah, I can do whatever the fuck I want and WHO'S gonna stop me?" look on his face, and he needs to be knocked down about fifty pegs or so. For the sake of our country he needs it done to him, because the rest of the world sees the USA the way we see George W Bush, as an arrogant, spoiled, whiny rich kid who gets whatever he wants and has absolutely no sense of responsibility or self-discipline, who does whatever he wants to do because there's no one around who can afford to tell him he can't. And before the rest of the world's countries decide to do something about it and take it out on our whole damn country, something needs to be done to he one individual who specifically DESERVES it, namely that smug little SHIT right there!

He squandered all of the enormous amount of goodwill the world was directing at our country right after 9/11, took it and pissed it away right down the drain of smug, self-satisfied, self righteous jingoistic bullshit. He was divisive when he should have been inclusive (You're either with us or against us!) alienating nations that would have stood with us if he just weren't so Goddamn VILE and SMARMY, and hadn't fully lived up to his promise with VILE and SMARMY policies.

Seriously, how were people fucking fooled by this guy into voting for him? I sure as Hell wasn't. So Gore creams his pants about trees and was married to Tipper? He was STILL many thousands of lightyears better than THIS douchebag!

Sorry, I just can't STAND the fucker. Just seeing a PICTURE of him make me want to punch the little maggot right in the coke-withered, deviated-septum of a nose. Just look at'im; yo can SEE him thinking "Na-na-na! You can't get me, I'm RICH and was PRESIDENT so I can do ANYTHING I WANT!" He's fucking Veruca Salt times a fucking thousand, only now the Daddy who gives him whatever he wants and lets him get away with anything is half of our Goddamn country.

We seriously need someone to go Willy Wonka on his ass before the rest of the world decides to take it out on ALL of us.

And no, I'm not calling for something violent, no death threats. I just wanna see him get his ass SPANKED. It WOULD be nice to see someone give him a good poke in the face, though. But I think the best thing would be a good, thorough public humiliation. Where are his two equally snot-nosed and entitled bitches-of-his-loins? I'm sure someone could dig up MOUNTAINS of shit on them. Someone needs to get on it and drag this douchebag and his family through the fucking MUD,the way he drug our whole damn COUNTRY through the mud for 8 years.

Hell, I'm sure someone would just have to give them a few ounces of coke and a couple bottles of Jack and they'd do all the work for you.

Jeni said...

And that former president is so concerned about it that he feels there are places he shouldn't travel to.

And that one of those places is so neutral they didn't even take part against Hitler, but they want to arrest him. Well played sir.

drater said...

In related news, the congressional cafeteria has removed Swiss cheese from the menu and replaced it with Freedom cheese. And the Texas state legislature voted to outlaw all forms of cheese except American.

SteveR said...

I want to see him give up Cheney for a deal.

namron said...

I'll repeat a statement that in 2003 almost got me into my first fist-fight since college: "Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you really need him?"